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Friday, August 29, 2003

Liam, good luck with the guy... and get some more sleep, insomnia makes you crazy. =)

There's a BBQ at my work today! That means free food, beer & sno-cones!!!! *does the free beer/happy friday dance*

Ha! Chuck (our CEO) just got paged by someone from Arnold Schwarzenegger's office! That makes me (and the rest of the office) laugh.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

hmmm. ~Shrugs at Liam~ Oh well, you'll get over it if you really want to. Anyway, yes Jay is a dork. For those of you who don't know, I finially have a job. I work for UPS. So yeah, don't expect me to be around from 12 to 4 during the week and expect me to be sleeping alot since it's a physical job with all kinds of lifting and such. In other new, I'm being bitten by the cat.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

P.S. I do agree that you should report the guy.
i concur that Jay is indeed a dork. And, as for you Liam...hang in there, don't let this become an excuse to fall back into old habits. (And report the dickwads candy ass)
Jay... you're a dork.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

hello again everyone. It has been an interesting past few days for me. Its jay by the way. I moved back into the dorms, have hung out with a few girls that i met at the rage, had my first hang over, have been hanging out on my computer, working at steves pizza, playing pool in the droms and watching giants games, and moving all my stuff in. I think my new roomate is pretty cool, funny enough he is the best friend of my roomate from last semester. i am still single, but i guess that is because i havent really been looking. well all i have planned for tonight is to go to the rage, have fun and dance, and watch russ get shit faced. it should be a fun night. till then i will see you all later.
As far as the 'other' group goes...the one i'd like to do during the week, it'll be a Star Wars game, so if your interested, make up first level characters and I'll review them. Keep in mind this is "Rise of the Empire Era" so, no Dark Jedi Ewoks (sorry Cody!)...I'd like to get a group of FOUR to play mondays. i know Chase and Adrienne are out, the school/work thing and all...

But, hey, Mr. Armitage! Neko! Cody! Lenny! other people none of you know and who arent reading this but oh well! I'd like to get something going here in the next few weeks...maybe even play twice a week if y'all can swing it!

Friday, August 22, 2003

Just a clarification about the two team thing: I wuz thinking instead of having players fight npc monsters or imperials, you could have one group be each side, with two seperate dm's, in two seperate rooms, and not neccesaryily always be trying to kill the other group...but, no biggie! Brian is already here, so we only need Nick and Chase (and Adrienne)...and Lenny too, I guess. ~_^

L8r dayz

Should there be eight people involved in a game, like the evil one, it will not be teams people of trying kill each other because simply put, everyone would turn and kill Ostermiller, including me, so that ain't happening any time soon. As for eight people anyway, yeah I can run it, but not SW, I have a very good Co-DM to back me up, plus my players aren't pains in the ass. Also, Adrienne will be late for SW this weekend, so I'll be playing her character for a bit, she'll be there around 1, I'll be there at normal time. She has an online orintation. See youz guyz tomorrow.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

P.S. I am currently building an omniverse where all of my future campaigne will take place, if anyone has any suggestions stifle the urge to post them here and just bring them when we play D&D or SW.
No, no, Dali and Tim are only joining the evil campaign, so no worries there Neko. ;) And it's only 7 people for that unless Cody decides to show up for a change.

Anyone else feeling these thunder storms? Damn things woke me up at least 6 times last night.
Lord help me.......
i concur with nick, tho i do in fact have quite a malicous thought in mind....*grin*

Eight players, enough for two teams of four, it almost seems to perfect....

Who better to fight players than other players...???

Thursday, August 21, 2003

As far as Mo go's, I never ment him to play D&D. just let him know. but as far as Dali and Tim..... lets count the people. Chase, Adrienne, Ostermiller, Brian, Lenny, Cody, Dali, Tim... thats 8. Eight, Ocho, 8 in other languages. I can't do that, thats WAY to many for SW. Chase, can you or Adrienne run a game with 8 players? Evil or otherwise? just a thought.

8 Ball says: Future hazy...the way we go thru paper plates (and pizzas), there might not be any left....

(Translation: they're yours, so feel free....ill try to remind you b4 you leave to grab em)
Does that mean my trunk gets the paper plates back?
You talked to Neko about this first, right? Anyway, ok. We'll show up at Ostwermillers, keep us posted if this changes. Umm...Dolly and Tim are going to be joining the evil campaigne soon too, just so everyone's ready. And last, is Moe going to continue to play in the evil campaigne, or is he just gonna play the star wars?

Quak Quack Emu Sound

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Just a reminder to everyone:

We play Star Wars at Ostermiller's Apartment this Saturday, not Lennys!

L8r Dayz


Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Much abliged, Mein Fuher. And yeah, I used some ghetto auto translator...thanks for the clarification tho...


Monday, August 18, 2003

John, i don't know if you used a dictionary or an engine to do that, but it's just...
well, frankly it just isn't correct...
i mean, not just not right in context; there's just words that are wrong.
A couple homonyms, but- oh forget it; here's the translation via me:

The man who's been lucky enough
To become a friend to a friend,
The man who has found a fair woman-
Let him add his voice to our rejoicing!
The man who calls even a single soul
Somewhere in the world his own!
And he who never knew any of this-
Let him take himself away from us joyful ones!

And that's courtesy of Mr. Beethoven,
from the IV movement of his IX symphony

In other words....

He whom the large throw arrive, a friend friend to be,
would interfere who obtained a lovely woman,
its jubilation! Yes -
who also only a soul be names on that earth round!
And who it can, never would steal
itself that crying out of this alliance!
Wem der grosse Wurf gelungen,
Eines Freundes Freund zu sein,
Wer ein holdes Weib errungen,
Mische seine Jubel ein!
Ja - wer auch nur eine Seele
Sein nennt auf dem Erdenrund!
Und wer's nie gekonnt, der stehle
Weinend sich aus diesem Bund!


Saturday, August 16, 2003

~Does two dances~ I don't. ~Does two more~ Dancing is fun, and good for you. ~Does five more~ Why would we limit it?
And on a side note, and would like to tell everyone I now have a personal blog and it will probobly be added to links sooner or later, but Adrienne is alseep right now so I'll just put a little link right here. SO yeah.

Quack Quack Emu Sound
I think there should be a one dance limit.....

Friday, August 15, 2003

Happy Friday! *does a little dance* We're going to the state fair! *another little dance* RPing tomorrow! *more dancing*

Thursday, August 14, 2003

*Enters the swiss swilling, cheddar chomping, goudha gnashin peace monkey battle rage*

ow...stubbing toes HURTS

An abridged I THINK (full list on my blog, updated regularly)


....Gray Davis Fucking sux...
...Tatooing to be 'en vogue' is just plain stupid....
...Eminem a talented individual.Disturbed, but talented...
...Most celebrities need to shut their pie holes...
...Neuromancer should be required reading...
...Music shouldnt be butched so "family friendly" stores will sell it...
...Laser Tag shoud be a physical education class...
...Old Navy commercials need to STOP...
...The Recent Metallica needs to go away...

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Preach it Brother! Trying to find a job is ghey.... Bad economy and all. Oh well, now that school is starting we'll be busy. And look at the bright side, RP'ing this weekend. Allways good. ^-^

Later Days

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Well I feel kinda useless. No job, no work around the house, nothing. I hate this. Adrienne won't let me do anything for her because she feels bad if I do and there's little else to do around the house. I can't find a job, and I don't know why. I've had a bunch of interviews and second interviews, but nothing seems to happen. I hate trying to find a job. Those managers sure know how to make a guy feel like nothing.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

Monday, August 11, 2003

~Does the didn't get the job at Jamba Juice dance, then goes and curls up in a corner ready to be forgotten and deaded. Decides to go get a sandwich instead and has a Dr. Pepper~ Well that sucks. No Jamba job, but oh well. D&D this weekend, Adrienne and I may be 15-30 minutes late, i have orintation for an online class that's suppose to go until 11. It might go long, but maybe not. We might just be there on time. SO yeah. Adrienne will be DMing the evil campaigne and there won't be monster campaigne for a couple weeks, and Neko should be doing some of the star wars, so no complaining (this means you Ostermiller). In other news, I'm being bitten by Aylee Smallchange.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

... *sneakity*...

*falls asleep from exhaustion while mumbling something about needing more sleep on the weekends*


--eerie silence--

*does the breakdance of doom*

Friday, August 08, 2003

*twitch*saturday.....almost upon us..... *twich* so......... freekin......happy.........
~Does the second interview at Jamba Juice is in a couple hours dance, then stretches and thinks about a nap~ So yeah. I'm not gonna be in any M/W/F game, that whole school and class thing, and I don't think Adrienne is either, with the whole work/school class thing. If you would like to DM it we could do it one of the Saturdays instead of the D&D, but that's only if your going to DM cause I sure as hell ain't DMing superheros or anime, I might do a WoD, but I don't remeber most of it. ~shrug~ That's it. I'm going back to bed.

Quack Quack Emu Sound
*does the happy friday dance*

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Simple answer for a simple question (who would win the pistol duel?) : who has the highest battle rating?

Now, Chase has the 2 DnD campaigns. Brian has the BESM game...what would people interested in playing next? I have a couple ideas...

1.) I.O.U. BESM
2.) Superhero Genre
3.) Something WOD based but non conventional

Currently looking at Mon/Wed/Fridays for meetings


Jay, It's because you smell like cheesy farts.

Oh no!!! Most likely to win a duel with pistols? Now I, for one, would like to see the three of you duel it out.
Magic Number9
TemperamentSweet Natured
Likely To WinA Duel With Pistols
Me - In A WordStartling
Brought to you by MemeJack

Bad News for jay!
jay snook
Potato-Eating Colobus Monkey

Battle Rating : 5.5
Hello everyone. Im at my dads right now, and im bored. I got a new cell phone today because you all now( or at least some of you know) that my old cell was on crack. Its pretty cool, but not that special. I have aminly been watching movies i rented, and still trying to get a job. I hate the job market. Its evils. Why is it that i cant get hired. I mean ill work almost all hours of the day, and 7 days a week. i should be hired by now. But with that aside, i am thankful to be added into this blog. I am not positive how to use it yet, but i think ill get the hang of it. You know, i think that they should get grass from the knoll, because lets face it, i doubt anyone will miss it. I am also getting tortured on downloading an episode by this user called hornett. He is also evils. I cant get him to stay long enough to finish downloading an episode i need. But i shall not give up. I also think that the pictures is a grand idea as well. Well i got to go, an remeber "praise to him jim bob! Who gets me stuff and gets me a job. JIM BOB!"

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I think they should have to bring us grass, since it is very rare at Rio. Anyway, those of you in D&D, it's 11 on Saturday at Lenny's, I'm having internet trouble again so you'll have to call if anything comes up. And yeah...Look a distraction!!! ~Runs off the other way~

Quack Quack Emu Sound
*looks around*

*does a dance*
Everyone like the new background? Yeah, yeah the knoll never had that much grass but I like it anyway. =P Let me know if there is anything you heathens want added (links, images and such). I'd like to get people together for a group knoll picture if possible or at least individual shots of people since a lot of knollies are out of state. Maybe add the pics to the family tree? I'm also thinking of making a banner to replace our title so maybe the pic could be in the background or something. Feel free to throw out any ideas.

I think we should make Lenny and Cody raid the knoll for some actual footage for the blog before they get invited (Chase wanted them to grab some grass from it after school starts). Anyone else have ritual ideas for honorary knoll people?

Oh and I shrunk the size of the "LJ name" thing on both posts because the larger width was killing the blog and it doesn't look as nice. If anyone else posts more I will shrink them as well. =P So there.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Hm...not enough to justify a time of thin blood.
At last count i heard the youngest was a ninth generation.
Further bulletins as events warrant.

Magic Number8
JobSerial Killer
TemperamentBest Not To Ask
Likely To WinA Nobel Prize
Me - In A WordDevious
Brought to you by MemeJack

Heh.....go figure.

brandon george
Magic Number10
JobLeader of the Free World
TemperamentPussy Cat
Likely To WinA Duel With Pistols
Me - In A WordGenius
Brought to you by MemeJack

But that leaves one question unanswered. If I could direct your attention to Mr. Power's blog, he would also be most likely to win a Duel With Pistols, so what if we dueled each other? Who is the most likely to win? Huh, little tell you things about you by your name thing? Tell me! Tell me now!In other news, I'm hungry.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

I made what I can remember of the tree in Microsoft Paint and uploaded it here. Note that I don't have many of the newer people (since I graduated before most of them came) and I may have some of the lines wrong. Feel free to add it to what you already have, edit it and mail it back to me for re-uploading or send me the changes and I'll fix it myself.

I've invited Amanda, Jenny (indirectly invitied Greg as well), Michelle, Jerod and Jeanene. So if Brian feels real energetic he can invite the rest of the church people since I don't have the e-mails for anyone else.
I would say Brian is guilty for infecting the Knoll with my the way, I humbly request that no one forgets the fallen one, the Germ, aka 'Ozzman', nor the "other" Tim...(boy you gonna run). By the way...I find this all 'disturbing' the time of judgement is coming in WOD and the Knoll has fallen...Has anyone checked what Generation we're at over there?


Monday, August 04, 2003

Adrienne is already working on getting Amanda in and other forgotten Knoll people, Michelle, Jared, and others. The Dave's have yet to sign up, but they have been invited. I guess you skipped Dolly or don't have his email address, but we still need him as well. Jay is on the list to be invited as are Russ and Damon, unless there are any objections. And I figured out where I can to the knoll from finially. It was Brian. Because I had physics and French with him, and Adam and Becca had a hand in it as well. I have three parents. So yeah, and any other suggested honarary knoll people are up for nominations. I need to speak with Liam before I invite Sierra(don't worry she will be invited) but this is on a matter of some importance. Also, we need Manny's email if anyone has that too.

i know i've suggested this before, but we've never really been able to do it, allowing for the number of people not available for comment, but may i once again put forward the idea of a Knoll geneological tree? i know it might sound campy to a lot of people; but those of us without families to speak of always seem like the ones most interested in geneology. Also, i might suggest that (Brian would probably be best for this) we invite people like Amanda along if they can be got a hold of. Tim's e-mail addy is "", last i checked. Jamie Valley is "" and Smurfie is "" Also, are Daves here? If anyone is interested, go ahead and post me your geneological background; i already have an incomplete version from last year still around somewhere, i thought it might be cool to link to this page if i can get it done and uploaded. On the note of Brian's post, i've got the same problem at my werk. It makes my guts sad, and the pot-watcher needs to be hit with reeds.

Liam (Resembles: Rei Ayanami)
[Amanda > Brian > Liam]
I would first like to say that whoever watched that pot boil has way too much time on his hands. Secondly I would like to assure you all that his statement is entirely true. It's sad that people have the time and inclination to watch pots of water boil and even more sad that I have done so on several occasions. I think we should all have our stoves revoked until we plan on cooking something we have no intention of paying the slightest bit of attention to.

In other new, I have no Lenny's email address, I think. But there's also the matter of him not being on the knoll, so we have to device some humiliating ritual to make him an honorary member, and cody too I suppose. Or you could just give me his email address and tell me to invite him or youll rip out my eyes and stick down my pants so I can watching you kick my butt. Either way is fine with me. We're getting things done, and yeah.

Quack, Quack, Emu sound.

Added =)

Someone came up to me today and told me that the old saying "a watched pot never boils" is a blatent lie. He assured me that this weekend he watched a pot of water without looking away once and it did, in fact, boil. What are the odds of that? o.O

In other news, I had change for a ten today (thanks in part to Brian's pizza money from Saturday). No one ever has change for a ten let alone EXACT change. weird.
My blog is


Actually I don't know Ostermiller's blog address... I will, however, add Liam and Brian's blogs to the front page since I'm cool with the HTML stuff. I also don't know Lenny's e-mail so Chase will need to invite him.

Too true Brian... too true...
That reminds me of this guy in the cubicle next to mine. He has got to be in his early 30's, dresses in a collared shirt, slacks, sometimes a tie; always giving off a professional appearance/demeanor (as he should in a business setting). Yet get him alone or with a friend in his cubicle and you hear him throwing out words like "shizzle" along with crude, immature jokes. He avoids speaking to me at all costs (and when he does he's condescending) because I am in a lower job position than him; although he won't think twice about kissing the ass of our higher-ups who later end up being the butt of his jokes. I'd really love to walk over there, slap him and tell him to grow up, though I doubt it would do any good.

(um, anime character?... I'm don't watch enough anime to know of any character that I might even closely resemble)
Just saw the slap in face from Neko. How DARE you! I am certainly NOT peaceful! Nor do I eat cheese! (well, mebbe a little)...


I would like to say it is certainly wonderful to see the knoll be a place of political neutrality where we can all come and forget whatever stupid crap may affect our affiliations outside of here.

Oh idea. Post what anime character defines you best.

For Ostermiller/Mr. Delicious/etc: Jinnai from El Hazard!!!

Most of us here are anime fans, and this is a neat place.
Check it out.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Lenny wants in on the blog.
Martin: Did you go to your high-school reunion?
Marcella: Yes, I did. It was just as if everybody had swelled.
-Grosse Pointe Blank

I've realized something. Something awful. When you enter high school, you're told that the next four years of your life will ready you for everything that comes thereafter. The classes you take and the experiences you have will form you as a person, and prepare you for the rest of your life. Somewere along the way, I realized that this notion was total crap. With a few important exceptions, the events of high school were totally blown out of proportion. The importance of the meaningless (standardized tests) and the temporary (popularity) was overemphasized to the point of exhaustion. Flying hormones and angst made trivial events seem vital, and put petty concerns at the center of the universe. And this is supposed to get us ready for the rest of our lives?

In the breakroom at my old job, I sat for a few moments, having worked for hours on a task that meant nothing to me, but was supposed to provide money for my future. I listened to conversations around me, and snippets of sex jokes, trash talk, and gushing about the latest reality TV found my ears. Suddenly, my brain felt itchy. I thought to myself... I feel like I'm still in high school.

I've heard several of my friends say it. Just like high school. All the immaturity, social posturing, academics...

...high school really does prepare you for the rest of your life.

Just a little pessimistic about society at the moment,
Brian, the Razorclown

[the children gather around the cage and watch as the hamster runs on its wheel]
Miss Bitters: Take a good look, children. It will prepare you for your adult lives in our nightmarish corporate system!
-Invader Zim, "Hamstergeddon"
Well, here we are. Some of us anyway... So how's everyone doing? Good, I guess since no one said otherwise. Anyway, this is our knoll. Anyone who wants someone invited to join the blog just let adrienne or I know and we'll be sure to try to get them. If anyone has any requests for links or anything else for the blog just let us know. Do try to keep alive and posting on occasion, and I think we're gonna get links up to everyone elses personal blogs soon so don't worry about that, just leave the address for them, except Liam, Brian and Ostermiller, we know yours already. Anything else, let me know, and no littering, lets try to keep this place clean. And if anyone has Dolly or Tim's e-mail addresses let me know so they can come too.


Saturday, August 02, 2003

Mr. Delicious
is a
Cheese-Eating Peace Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 1.3

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat Mr. Delicious, enter your name:

Thats what is SHOULD be

Friday, August 01, 2003

You're still a cheater =P
*kicks Ostermiller in nuts, does a little dance, snuggles with the love monkey*
(17 hours later...gets off the floor and posts his blog" name to the Monkey thing...*groan*)

is a
Brain-Eating Capuchin Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 7.3

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat Damien, enter your name:

Ostermiller is a cheater! ~Kicks him in nuts~ Take that! ~jumps around doing happy, Kicked Ostermiller in the nuts Dance~

is a
Pasta-Eating Assassin Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 7.1

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat Neko, enter your name:

so very true....

Ostermiller is a cheater. =P

This blog makes me happy, I hope more knoll people join.

is a
Mushroom-Eating Rage Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 5.9

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat Lakini, enter your name:

The original cyberpunk badass, the one, the only, the incredibly hot......

Molly Millions
is a
Brain-Eating Death Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 10.0

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat Molly Millions, enter your name:

William Gibson is my hero, and this is just one more reason why.
Glad to see there's a spot for the towel, guys.


is a
Purple People-Eating Pirate Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 9.5

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat Cwruidth, enter your name: