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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A reminder to everyone wishing to play in my upcoming D&D game. The deadline for characters is this Sunday, so stack up character sheet at Lenny's house. If you can't get your character over there make arrangements for someone else to get it there. Anyone who's character is not there on time will not even be considered for the game. Ill stop by some time in the evening to pick up the character's, so that even gives most of Sunday to make the character. For specifics on character requirements, see previous post.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ok, so we bid farewell to a good friend off to join the military. A moment of silence for the shipping across the country...

And now on to other things. I am canceling the exalted good D&D game. I have decided that there was not enough interest in the Ebberon world, and there was only 1 character carrying over so I decided against the game. But I have decided on a new game. I will give you all exactly no details at this point. But I will invite players to play. I officially invite Drake, Lenny, Cody, Jess, Brian, Neko, Jon, Beth, and Carolyn to play. I think that's everyone, But there is here a catch, first off you have to be able to make time for this game. It will probably be at least every other week. Most likely on the weekend, but that's up in the sir still. The other factor will be that there will be only 4 of those invited playing. In an effort to get the best characters I can out of people I will choose the four best characters to play in the game. Now I hear some of you saying "That's biased, you'll judge by the player," or possibly some other disagreement based around this bias. But I have a solution. I would like for everyone to type up their character, do all the stats, and a backstory for their character and submit that character to me anonymously. Everyone get that? Typed character sheet, just use a black word document so I don't recognize a sheet that someone may favor, with a backstory. Leave off your name! Then we'll leave them in a pretty stack at Lenny's house. He has graciously allowed me to ask this so that I won't see anyone drop off a character. Characters must be completed by July 31, that is the day I will pick them up. Anyone who does not make the deadline is DQed. Anyone who gives away the identity of any player in relation to their character will be DQed. That said here is the information for making the character.

They must be lvl 5, no higher. They must have at least 4 character classes, so if you use a monster race they can only have a +1 adjustment or 1 monster hit die. No equipment, except that which is relevant to their backstory. Any equipment that relates to their backstory is the most basic form of that equipment (i.e. my grandfather gave me his bastard sword, therefore character has a standard bastard sword.) Any alignment is ok, any race. I will not allow the feat from ebberon which allow multiclassing Monks and Paladins.

Ok, and a quick rundown in case I made that too word. Lvl 5 typed character on a blank word document with a backstory. No equipment except what is relevant to their story. Don't give away who the player is in any form. Just about anything is ok.

And I would like to say, before it comes under any fire, I am doing this to encourage players to make the best characters they can. It may make it more competitive, but I also encourage you to help each other with characters if they wish, but don't allow me to become biased by revealing any of that information to me. On July 31 I will go through the characters and select the 4 best characters and find out who their players are and then set up the game and give details further. Thank you. Also, please spread the word to everyone invited to check this to see if they wish to play, because I know some people don't check the knoll very often.

Quack Quack Emu Sound
i apologize to all of you, first and foremost.
i just didn't want anything made of it. i hate fuss like that.
i have addresses for most of you; those i don't, i will have one for you in a few short weeks.
My phone is going to stop working while i'm gone, a good place to leave me a message would be to leave one after the angry british woman on my skype number: +19162269119
Please do take care of each other, all of you.

*pin drops*

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

empty like a rock full of heads this site is .......
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Monday, July 04, 2005

A safe and happy fourth to all the peeps... granted, it's almost over, but that's not the point.