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Monday, December 27, 2004

Hey Chase, any word on DnD for this week?
Hey Lenny, I take it your epic melee is still going down this Friday (New Years Eve)?

I am...
Off Tues the 28th
Working till 8:30 Wed the 29th
Off Thurs the 30th
Working till 8:30 Fri the 31st (and would like to participate in Lenny's New Years slugfest... I will have my character for it presented to him in the next few days)

And if Carolyn and Drake could post their availability for this week I'd appreciate it.


Friday, December 24, 2004

Out of those people in my DnD game, i'd like to know which would be available to start out on the day after Christmas, some time after Lenny and i get back from Snowshoeing. Let me know, kay? Merry Christmas and a happy anything else you want to celebrate.


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Change of plans. My DnD game will be happening tonite. Call Lenny's cell phone for more information.


Monday, December 20, 2004

The holiday season is upon us with its poisonous razor sharp talons poised at our throats and ready to tear them out and let the Christmas spirit stain the earth. I figured what better way to celebrate this joyous time of the year than with a viscious no holds barred battle royale. Anyone who wants to join in has to make a 20th level character using Dnd v3.5. With the exception of Unearthed Arcana and Arcana Unearthed anything published is fair game, as is the material at the WotC web site. DO NOT roll for stats or hit points, I reapeat DO NOT roll for stats or hit points! For stats we will use planned generation, you have 48 points to spend and all stats start at 8 and stop at 18, spend your points according to the table on page 169 of the dungeon master's guide.

Max out all hit dice rolls for your character and and animal companion or familiar you have. I will personally double check the math and spelling of all submissions. Any errors will result in immediate disqualifications.

Characters begin with 760,000 gold to spend on whatever non Artifact items they want.

Monster characters are allowed, however the must have a level adjustment in their entry.

You may play any alignment you wish as long as long as your class allows it.

If you have any questions please post them here. And please deliver any character submissions to me personally.

Good luck everyone.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Because Chase is not running a game this week, I am scheduling my DnD game for Thursday between 3 and 4pm. We will be playing again at Great Escape. I'm expecting Lenny, Cody, and Carolyn as players. Liam, I know you'd rather not play Thursdays and I apologize for the inconvience, but I really don't want to try and run a game late at night (tuesday) or after I get off work (wednesday).

I am here to announce that I will not be running any of my games this week. And as for next year, once school starts I'll be at school until 4ish, I think, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I'll be working every other day of the week except Sundays. So yeah, that's how it's gonna be I suppose.

Quack Quack Emu Sound
My playable days for the next two weeks are as follows:
Tues the 21th anytime after 6ish
All day the 22nd
Sun the 26th after 6ish
all day Tues and Wed (28 & 29th)

Any day not listed means I am working until at least 9:30pm and will have to stab you through the heart if you call to do things after that.

As for next year I will be probably be working all sundays, mondays, tuesdays and thursdays for various reasons. School won't be an issue.

Friday, December 17, 2004


Now that we've got that out of the way, here's my announcement:
Because i'm a buy-in, and i have a desk job that allows me plenty of time to organize games, i'm running a DnD game in addition to my Cyberpunk game. It's going to be open to all races, much like the monster game, with the exception that human and humanoid races are also permissable. There is no ECL cap, and no feasible character will be vetoed (i will ask that the race be in one of the Monster Manuals that i have access to.), but keep in mind that if you play a half-balor/half-dracolich/Half-Titan with three parents, i can make playing it absolute hell, and it'll probably make things hell for your fellow players, who might help kill you for the XP. The theme of the dungeon is a competition thrown by Halaster in a maze full of traps and monsters; with the victors receiving a comission as enforcers of his insane and semi-evil bidding. The actual construction of the dungeon will begin after i receive enough character submissions to fill the game, which i think i'm going to have to limit to four or five, this being my first DnD game i've run since second edition. Your character will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, though you must have a complete character sheet to me in order to secure your place. This allows me to construct a dungeon that shores up your strengths and exploits your weaknesses, because well, it's that kind of Dungeon and i'm that kind of DM. Since i work full time, the game would be on weekends, so Neko and Brian are more than welcome. It's my first time running a DnD game in 3.x, so it should be fun.
More later.

EDIT: i've decided on an ECL 6 game for now. If people get things together and it doesn't look to my liking, i'll have you level up.


Thursday, December 16, 2004

Regarding classes next semester, I'll be taking 2 units on Fridays for Primatology Field Studies.

What this means, is that I probably won't be available to run or be in any DnD on a friday. However, I would be financially able to be "unavailable" from my job another day of the week if it would facilitate a regular game day. So if anyone has suggestions or knows their schedule(s) yet, make wit da posty in the comments..

Monday, December 13, 2004

Thanks to Lenny for posting that announcement.

At the moment my intraweb is workin, so I am able to post this... DnD on Tuesday is still on. I caught a terrible 24 hour death bug from a coworker but thanks to my absolutely wonderful immune system (second only to Liam and 20th level monks) I should be fine for my Anthro final and teh gamezor. Regarding that...

I'm thinking 3:30pm-4pm Tuesday the 14th for a start time, likely at Great Escape, unless someone would like to volunteer their home for the game (I know Lennys is off limits on Tuesdays, so...). As I far as I know, Lenny Cody and Carolyn will be available around then... how about Chadrienne? Drake? Liam?

As for Liam's monk, I've realized I made some errors. When he had to leave suddenly the first night he played I made an offhand joke and Liam ran with it. I let him choose feats out of a book I did not own, I let him use sources other then the 3.5 PHB (which was my rule for all starting characters at the time) and I'm not sure how I'm going to cope with a character with level 29 AC. However, I am not going to outright punish a player for my error and ban his character. That would be stupid. What I would like to do is to see how things go, and possibly modify the existing sheet if need be. In the future, I'm going to require all feats, skills, etc. be contained in one of the books I own so I have easy access to it. Case by case acceptions may be made.

Regarding the Avalere notes some of you saw. Consider those void for now, I realize in creating a world and structure that it detracts from the very idea I was trying to execute: A freeflowing game without a bunch of continuity to get in the way.

Anyways, I can't think of anything else.

See you all tomorrow.

Water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink...
truly sad am I not be home for this apparent cornucopia of gaming.
I'm posting on behalf of John to remind people that he's running DnD on Tuesday.
So after speaking with Drake, it looks like he will be off at 5:30, I think he said. But just in case I'm wrong we'll be starting at 6:30. If it is ok with Lenny I would like to play at his house again. So yeah, and all those involved in Abyssals will do well to have their character sheets and character history in my hand by 6:30. I would like to clarify, though on one thing. All characters MUST HAVE A NAME BY THIS POINT. The only thing I will allow to be missing is names for items. I want artifacts that have extra powers to have names, but they don't have to if you can't think of a name. Also if it something like soulsteel armor with no other magical properties, it doesn't need a name. It's just armor, or just a soulsteel weapon. But have weapons and armor decided when you give me your character. These artifacts must also be approved if they are more than just armor or a weapon. So yeah. At this point I know Adrienne, Carolyn, Lenny are all done. Drake needs to pick some charms, and Cody needs to contact me for his artifacts if plans on having any. That should be it.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

Friday, December 10, 2004

As everyone knows, we didn't finish the dungeon last night. We will continue the dungeon this Thursday from where we left off. We will start at either 6 or 8 ish, depending on when Drake gets off work, because we can't play without all the players. Depending on how late it is once we have completed the dungeon, we may be able to start the Abyssal game. So everyone in the Abyssal game, finish your character. And don't forget some history. Use the "Spark of Death" section to help flesh out a history. If you need to get anything approved by me then email all the information to me. If a charcter is not ready for play on Thursday by the time we start playing D&D, that character dies permanently. And the player will not be allowed to make a new one.

Quack Quack Emu Sound
Hours fir the week..

Mon - 6:16 - 2:45pm
Tue - 6:30-3pm
Wed-Thurs - Off
Fri - 6:15 - 1:45pm

Tues 3-7p
Thurs 11-3p
(Chrismas is the weekend, so I only work those hours..I cry.)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I have come to an executive DM decision. Since we have both Cody and Liam requesting to be introduced into my game we shall have an official vote. Everyone in the game currently (That's Drake, Adrienne, Carolyn, Lenny, and Jon) is to send me an e-mail. This email will contain an answer to these questions. They need only a yes or a no answer, and it must be a definitive answer. "Should Cody be allowed to join the D&D game?" and "Should Liam be allowed to join the D&D game?" Now let me set down some guidelines. No one is to discuss this with anyone else but myself, and these discussions shall remain unknown to all other parties. I will be the only one who knows how each person voted, so feel free to speak your mind on the matter. Each is an individual vote, so one, both, or neither could be let in depending on the outcome. So, everyone needs to vote on this. Send you're emails to me, and don't discuss what your own decision was with anyone but myself. Answers must be yes or no. There is no "I don't care" or anything of that sort. Yes, or no only. Liam, you won't be in this session on Thursday either way because the dungeon is not prepared for you're character. Sorry, that's just the way it is. So yeah, everyone make sure to email me soon. and I can't stress these two things enough : Don't tell anyone what you voted and give a definite yes or no answer.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Ok, so the game will be this Thursday. At four, at Lenny's house. That's it.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

Monday, December 06, 2004

I think it is about time for me to run another game of D&D. I would like to play this Thursday, after three. Let me know who can make it and who cannot. I would also like to ask Lenny if it would be OK to play this session at his house. My step-dad has been out of town for a few days and I want to give him a chance to relax without a bunch of people around. So let me know, what's going on. And if this Thursday does not work then I would also like to try for next Thursday. Same time. Let me know very soon. And Cody, you need to get in contact with me about your abyssal for you artifacts and what-not. So do that, because I know several people would like to start that game as well. I think that's all.

Quack Quack Emu Sound