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Friday, October 28, 2005

UPCOMING! 24 Hour Improvathon to Benefit the Red Cross!

When: November 11th @ 6am to November 12th @ 6am
Where: American River College 4700 College Oak Drive, Sacramento CA 95841 (Room 533)

Fun Includes: Improv, Sketch Comedy, Family Friendly Gmes, Raffles, Food, and Helping a Great Cause!

NO COVER, just a donation to the Red Cross!

... and see John do Improv!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Again, behold the weekly post:

Players of the Gold Faction Game, if there is to be a game this week, let's figure out a day and approximate time. Evenings i am not available are: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
Ok, a couple of quick things. I'll try to run my D&D this week. Usual times and everything, unless there is some objection from Lenny (Since it's his house). And on a side note, Thank you Lenny, for letting us play at your house. Back to the post. It will be a short game this week because I have a very busy week of reading, writing, and everything else that goes along with school and work. So if Neko wants to prep a short session of either his D&D or Omega world, there will probably be time for that to be played as well.

In other news, I have changed the link on Liams blog. Since the blogger site he used hasn't been updated in along time and his Live Journal has, I switched the link over to live journal. If you don't want it on there, Liam, let myself or Adrienne know and we can take it down. That should be it.

Quack Quack ~Emu Sound~

Friday, October 21, 2005

Live, this Sunday, at St. Peter's Event Hall, our own Drake Smith will be wrestling for Supreme Pro Wrestling between 5:00 and 5:30. Show up early and support Drake! Then stay to enjoy the local pro wrestling action! $10 at the door. Directions and more info at the above link.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

i don't know if the rest of you follow Penny Arcade as religiously as i do, but i you don't i'd suggest going through the last couple of articles to inform yourself on the situation they're facing against Jack Thompson. Thompson, who you might know from his rabid anti-video game propaganda, is possibly the most prolific, and certainly the loudest lawyer in the world regarding violence in video games affecting our youth. Never ones to pass the buck, when our friends in the gaming community "Gabe" and "Tycho" heard about Thompson's "Proposal," which can be found here (To whit: he would donate $10,000 to a charity to be named by Paul Eibner, Chairman of Take Two, on the condition that someone designed and executed a game to his specifications, which are as graphic as they are insulting to the industry.) the pair decided to speak up. Willing to give the goodwill offer the benefit of a doubt, in spite of the obvious lack of intent by Thompson to do any such thing, Mike "Gabe" Krahulik fired off an email suggesting that ten grand wasn't all that much as far as philanthropy is concerned, comparing it to the comic's own Childs' Play charity, which has raised more than half a million dollars in the two events they've held. What followed has not been pretty. Digging his heels in, Thompson has decided to toe it out with the two, and between Krahulik's and Holkins' constant commitment to post all on their site (with their own acidic commentary, of course), Thompson has come out looking QUITE bad, while our pals up in Seattle are smelling like roses. The Coup de Grace: When a mod team made a GTA mod to Thompson's specifications, and Thompson sneered them away, feigning that his offer was "satire" from the beginning, Penny Arcade THEMSELVES, after a solid week of abusive correspondance from Jack, sent Robert down to the ESA's Charity Dinner last night, along with a $10,000 check. In Jack's name, no less.

Today, i am more proud to call myself a gamer than i have ever been before, if it will place me in the same echelon as these two princes among men.

Monday, October 17, 2005

As Promised, for the players in my game:

Do you want to play this week?
If so, when/where?
This needs to be hashed out in the Comments at least a day before the game can take place.
Nights that i am not available: Mon, Wed and Sun.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ok guys! So, I'm working late (until 8:30ish) both tomorrow and Friday... but, as a once in a lifetime thing I have Saturday completely off now! That means that if Neko wants to start his game early or if Liam wants to run some of his I will be free! If not then I will probably be stuck at home cleaning cages and no one wants that.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Well, Lenny worked today, and he is Le Tired. Further more he "really should be studying for his midterm." So no game tonight, but it does seem everyone's excited about the game, so why don't we have some deliberation on when a good night to start it WOULD be this week? i realized that i was sort of limiting myself to Sunday nights for no better reason than pure tradition, but it's also a hotly contested slot for the same reason, so let's talk about what night would be good.
Who wants Exalted? I do, I DO!
Since all this blog seems to talk about, with the rare exception, i'm going to post the following regarding my Gold Faction game:

The Gold Faction Game Is Currently Closed.
To the players who have already submitted Character Sheets:
i will continue to submit "Do You Want To Play?" messages every week beginning NOW.
Each week that the post recieves a positive comment from ALL of its players, there will be a game the Sunday Directly Following the post, in the evening.
If you really, really, really want to be in my game, and you really want a game this week, either convince the other players to post, or hack their computers.
Yes, i actually said that. i'm willing to take a hit on my Karma.
You all know i'm that kind of guy anyways...


Friday, October 07, 2005

I would like to inform my D&D party that, after speaking with Cody, he has decided to withdraw from the game. And so the game may be slightly more challenging without his aid. I'll try to adjust the encounters, but try not to die on me before I figure what you guys can take now. I think that's all. And for those of you who haven't noticed, I have once again started updating my blog, so you can find updates on goings ons with me there if you care to look. That is all.

Quack Quack ~Emu Sound~
for any and all instered partys i have right now of Final Fantasy Advent Chlidren and there was talk of a screening Chase's on sun day and i would like very much to iron this out in to a plain of some sort so for anyone instered lets talk

Monday, October 03, 2005

Matt Turner is getting married. The reception is this Saturday, the eighth, at 3:00pm at Santa Anita Park. Friends of Matt, be there. kidding.

If anyone needs directions, let me know! It's near El Camino and Howe.
Ok, so this week we'll be playing my D&D game. But before we get to that part of the week I would like to hear from Cody. Are you or aren't you going to continue playing in the game? E-mail, comment, call, whatever, just let me know. I have to adjust the encounters to exclude you if you're not going to play. Also, Adrienne and I have your wallet. But yeah, normal times for game. 6-6:30ish. We'll probably try to figure out food before we start, so yeah.

Quack Quack ~Emu Sound~