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Friday, April 30, 2004

Ok, well nevermind. Since there has only been one response on the subject of more Vampire, we just wont have an extra session. There we have it then.

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Thanks, Lenny. In fact, Transmetropolitan has already inspired at least one crowd-control weapon in the game. Frankly (which i say too much, i know), i'm not strapped for ideas, i'm just daunted by how long it would take for me to convert all the ideas and inspirations i've got into working game mechanics; that's what i'm really asking for help with here, not for ideas. Again, if you want this game, please say so, and please help out some! (Man, i sound like a public television fund drive. i need to stop.)

Well I'm ok with an extra session on Thursday. But you guys will have to play somwhere other than my house. And Liam, as for your cyberpunk game, if you need a little inspiration I highly recommend the comic Transmetropolitan.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Ok, even though no one has replied or given me any feedback, I would like to know if anyone would like to play a game of Vampire on Thursday evening, after Brian's classes of course. I would like to know by Saturday night so we can decide a set time to play and get going. If people don't want to that is fine as well and we can wait until the next Wednesday to play. I think that's all.

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Much progress being made as far as constructing Wares, even without submissions from you pitiful hyoomons. Wetwares especially are coming around very nicely, so i'm not whoring it up to the Deckrunners.Progress may be witnessed here:

Please do take a look, and again, if you're interested, make a submission!

Much progress being made as far as constructing Wares, even without submissions from you pitiful hyoomons. Progress may be witnessed here:

Please do take a look, and again, if you're interested, make a submission!

Oh, and since I don't think I mentioned it. The claw mark in the apartment was from a right hand.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The latest installment of Vampire has concluded. We we will be playing again in a couple weeks and I hope everyone enjoyed this last session. A few observations... I think it went very well, better than most other sessions. The group is starting to become a group that can function as a whole unit. I would like to say I'm very glad we have a lawyer, an investigator, and a psychologist, as hey can all help descern motive and culprit through the clues now present. Hopefully no one forgets how much information can be gained ffrom the small note found. It will be vital, if I may say so. I would also like to stress not to forget what you know, or have seen in the past. Past items, events, or charaters can hold much signifigance. And don't anyone forget what it is you are dealing with. A very old, very intelligent vampire. She has eyes and ears everywhere, so be wary who you speak to and what you speqak about where people can hear. Anyway, I think that's it.

If anyone has anything they would like to add about the game, any observertions, comments, anything except story questions, please do. I appreciate all the feedback I can get, as well as any comments other players may have towards each other. Or is anyone has any ideas about where this iwll head, i'll listen, but can't promise they'll be incorperated. So with that, thank you everyone and good night.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Ok, so. Vampire tomorrow. strting around 6:30 or 7:00 pm ish. Ummm....yeah. That's about it I guess.
Edit: Oh yeah, one more thing. I encourgae all players to think of alternate powers for disciples, except celerity, potence, and fortitude, i will take suggestions of new and exciting powers where previously boring powers existed. Subject to my approval of course. So yeah.

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Ah... okay, so like I guess instead I'll have the Dixie Flatline of guitarist, Mr. Joe Satriani.
i think there's been a misunderstanding.
A Construct is not just a dissembled memory bank of skills and reccolections. Construct is a small, limited, artificial intelligence, built off of some of the experiences of an actual person. In your example, your character might have a Construct Guitar Teacher of a popular Rock Band or the like, but he's not going to know or have the memories and skills of the band themselves.

Regarding Construct, if a character wanted to have, say, the memories and skill of a popular band... what level would that be? (I'm currently taking it as a level three construct)

Monday, April 26, 2004

Note please:
i will NOT be responding to any questions regarding gameplay via IM. Giving information on IM opens up opportunities for me to say one thing to one person and another thing to another person, and furthermore, it only informs the single person in question.

A Deckers character has the normal WW 15 freebie points.
Freebie costs are as follows:
Attribute: 5
Ability: 2
Wares: 6
Backgrounds: 1 (2 for above 3)
Willpower: 2
Soul: 8

i am currently accepting submissions regarding Wares. An item, once approved, will be posted to the following page:

i have put on this page 1 example of each of the Wares.
Please send submissions to
If you have multiple submissions, please do not send multiple emails.


P.S. i've fixed the typo on the uploaded sheet. The link is still below.
How about freebie points?
Character Generation for starting characters is as follows:
Attributes: 6/5/4 (Plus any gained from Wetware)
Abilities: 11/7/4 (Plus and gained from Software)
Wares: 3/2/1 or 4/2/0
Backgrounds: 9 (Coming soon! Submissions? Use/Alterations of previous WW backgrounds?)
Starting Access: Equal to highest Software rating
Willpower: 4
Soul: 3

Concerning the Soul pool regeneration:
In keeping with the karmic nature of Soul, and it's affects on reality and fate, the temporary soul pool only replenishes normally when a character empties it entirely and goes down a rating. Characters with Soul 1 cannot use their single point, and in terms of destiny, count as normal people, rather than extraordinary. The only exception to this rule is that each character, every time he botches a roll, gains points of temporary soul equal to the number of ones rolled on the botch. This reflects fate's acknowledgement that it's screwed a character over, and that it "owes him."

More later, and as submissions come in!

um..... your totaly doing a great job! but there needs to be more rubber ducks and chinese food. and anyone wanted to go to lunch tomorow, leave messages here. we might be able to meet at Lenny's first, (assuming he wants to go) or just meet over there earily afternoon.
Is it that no one has looked at my blog or that no one has any feedback for vampire? If no one says anything to me about the game, they have no right to complain, and yes I do post semi-regularly on my blog now. I just want some feedback. I feel so unloved. =(

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If you are headed for Rice Bowl mind if I tag along? *cheesy smile* Gotta have my sushi and bao.

Kirby dance!!!
<( ' '<) <( ' ' )> (> ' ' )>

This sounds much and much like shadowrun, in the good way I assure you.

Oh, and with John being late tomorow, anyone want to catch some lunch? Maybe Bao at rice bowl or some such thing?
That's a really interesting way to play the Soul mechanic. On further reflection, I am glad you have decided AGAINST any sort of class/career limitations... thanks for pointing out uses on occult and meditation.

Questions: Do you regain soul in any manner of bedrest or such? Or is it only regained through experience expenditure or a certain situation/circumstance (like willpower)? Regarding character generation: 7/5/3 13/9/5?.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Soul Stat:
The Soul stat is a measure of a character's ability to form his own destiny. Different characters will refer to this trait as Soul, Spirit, Karma, Fate, Luck and the like. Points of permanent soul can ONLY be bought with experience, and a character has a temporary soul pool equal to his permanent rating. The uses of a character's soul pool are many:

By expending a temporary soul point, a character can add a number of dice equal to his permanent rating to any pool. However, once a character has depleted his temporary soul pool, he loses one point of permanent rating, and is given a temporary pool equal to his new rating. Buying a new point of soul while a pool is partly depleted does not refill the pool, it adds one temporary point to it.

Also, by expending a point of temporary willpower, the character can use his permanent soul stat instead of any other stat for a single pool. For instance:
Pixel Truman has found himself in a test of strength against a neighborhood tough; if he wins, he keeps his life and wins the affection of his unrequited love. If he fails, he is doomed to death... or worse. Unfortunately, while he's been in a fight or two before (brawl 3), his opponent is much bigger than he is, and his Strength 2 just isn't going to cut it. Fortunately, he has Soul 4, and by spending a willpower point, he can use his legendary good luck to even the odds, but not quite enough to ensure success...

Lastly, a character can expend a point of permanent Soul at any time before his actual death (Usually the end of any scene in which he is brought below incap) to rise immediately back to one level above incap without any assistance. In the presence of very competent medical care, such as an Ambulance Rescue Team or an Intensive Care Unit, the character may do the same by spending only a temporary point of soul. This use reflects bullets', swords' and the like's tendancies to conveniently miss vital organs. This trick cannot be used if the character is beyond even a medical miracle: dismembered, reduced to ash, ejected into vacuum, and the like are all examples of a permanent and irrevocable loss of life.

Aggrosofts are viruses, as well as softwares that enhance a character's stats in Cyberspace. The include Cyberweapons, as well as software that attacks another user directly, as opposed to
Icebreakers, which attack a system's mainframe computer.
Constructs are partial or full personalities used to assist, teach or supplant expertise that the character already posesses.
Implants are cybernetics hardwired into the nervous system. While they are fully prosthetic, and include all the force-feedback and the like to make them fully functional, they are essentially just tools.
Genetics Mods are rewrites of a character's genetic code; and they are tools, but irreversably applied.
Biomods are cyberware that has been entirely worked into a character's body, and function as such. These implants are NOT supplementary, and are ALWAYS on. Kerenzikov boosters are an example of a Biomod.
All three of these traits have a Willpower cost, variable to the wetware they entail.

Firstly, i will NOT be using any kind of class/career limitations on characters, since i think it would be disruptive to players who wanted characters that don't quite fit into the square holes. The first five levels of Mind should be Dazed, Confused, Disrupted, Affected, Altered; it was a typo on my part, and i'm getting to editing it. As far as Occult and Meditation, i'm sure that the work of Gibson can provide ALL manner of uses for both, such as the Voudou religion practiced by the Zionists of Count Zero, and the long periods of introspective, focused working in Johnny Mnemonic. Remember, not all people meditate by lighting incense, curling into lotus position on a cushion and chanting a mantra. i myself meditate flat on my back, eyes half open, with hardcore metal blasting in my earphones, among other ways.
Surprisingly, these are all issues that i'd already had in mind; and there are many more that have yet to make it into solid writing. Please keep the feedback coming, and the form of this game will rise all the swifter.

I'm not sure if you were aware of it or not, but the Cyberpunk Project I've been working on since Senior year of highschool was intended not only for fiction, but eventually for a Deckers/Cyberpunk game game as well.

As for the Soul mechanic with regards to Deckers, it could allow them to handle more and more intense netrunning, as well as run with more complex wares... Cyberpunk by R. Talsorian gave each archetype a special ability that was unique to their profession... you might find answers there. You COULD work out a kind of profession system much like Storyteller had clans/tribes/etc. A possible list could be...


If I had Neuromancer on me I could come up with more... Something I also think of when I think of the word Soul is more along the lines of Humanity/Sanity. And to be honest that doesn't seem to fit in my head with what you seem to want to do... Skill seemed a more appropriate phrase. Now for the questions....

I noticed you have 'Affected' as both a -1 and a -2 Mind level. Was this intentional? Is aggrosoft supposed to be attack software for net combat? I take it Implants refers to cybernetic enhancements (like the Yak's laser garote in J-M) while Bio mods are the more 'natural' kind of alterations? How do you see Occult and Meditation being used in the course of a game?
For a look at MY old character sheet, please see the link below:

Again, i apologize for the enormity of it.
Fortunately for me, saving it in a smaller, monochrome format all but eliminated most of my pencil marks, hiding how terrible he was.
i've tried to balance out the sheet (and the game) in favor of those who intend to play something other than a generic deckrunner. The Wares section has been totally changed, while cosmetic changes have been made elsewhere to make the page come together better. Mostly, i was just totally bugged by how much it looked like a mage sheet someone had taped alternate titles over in stat-specific spots, then photocopied (which it was).

When i said submissions, i was thinking more along the lines of cybernetics, hardware, software, with game mechanics to go along with a description, much like in Exalted Compendium
(By the way, if any of you haven't been there, it's impressive, IM me for the link.)
and i'll look over them, balance anything i think seems to ungainly, that sort of thing. Also welcome would be ideas about how to work the progression of the Soul stat, which replaced the Skill stat. i've got a few ideas, but i'd like submissions on how progressing along that trait might expand your abilities. It's a bit tricky, since i've decided to use the same stat, regardless of whether the character is a Deckrunner, a Souped-Up cyberninja, a mad scientist/techhead, rock star, whatever.
This is not to say that ideas for NPCs, locations, even plots are not welcome, it's just to say don't expect to run across a location/plot/character that you designed and intimately understand. In spite of ourselves, many of us tend to metagame subconsciously (or consciously). Like i said, if there's enough appeal, i'll start up a game.

Umm, not to sound like a jerk or anything, but what did you revise? I haven't seen one of those in a long time, but it seems the same as before.

Quack Quack Emu SOund
Submissions as in the character sort of thing or like locales, corporations, and such?


Saturday, April 24, 2004

Fans of the Deckers games will be glad to know i have found and revised the charsheet.
If there is enough interest in starting it up again (Besides John), i'll start planning to ST for it.
However, i'll need some submissions for material, so please be forthcoming with that sort of thing.


Cut and paste the following link for the sheet
(Don't click it, Yahoo doesn't like hosting, apparently.)

P.S. Sorry the sheet is huge; it prints regular size...
Hopefully this annoying development will not hinder the groups too much, but if it's a problem I would be more then happy to discuss solutions privately with those running said games. As for the Solar game currently in development, if I could get Codys sheet at his earliest convience that would be great. From what I understand, Lenny's is done and Chadrienne are close to being finished as well. Carolyn, let me know how yours is coming along and if you need more help.

Finally, in response to Chase's request for feedback, I have a general obsevation I'd like to share. I've notice that Liam's presence around games he is not playing in is usually disruptive in one way or another. (This isn't just in Chase's game, but other's as well.) When we were playing DnD last week, Liam was calling Lenny and Cody over in the middle of the game to the computer to show them his email (he even tried to show Nick as well, who was trying to move the story along). I believe this leads to a general degredation of the gaming experience as people getting up and leaving the table encourages others to do so as well.

Chadrienne will back me up on this.

When we were playing BESM, they were quietly reading in the backyard. When Brian ran BESM several months ago and I was not interested in playing, I quietly sat at the counter and worked on my Pocket Monsters game. Carolyn, who has been in the VTM game almost the whole time, maybe missing one session, has never been disruptive even when she was not playing much (or at all). She has sat in on Brian's BESM game and not played, instead quietly observing rather then distracting people. I'm not adverse to company or spectators, but I AM adverse to disruptive people who make snide comments about the game or try to distract players as the game is in progress.

So yeah, I guess I better duck and cover now.
Well damn. Ok, so I'll have Vampire ready for Wednesday for everyone and I guess Ostermiller will just have to keep us updated regularly. I hope this game continues to work. And for my players who haven't done so, please glance at my blog too.

QUack Quack Emu SOund
Due to circumstances beyond my control (To be precise, my employers are paranoid control freaks) I will no longer be able to reliably attend game sessions. My schedule for the next week is as follows:

Mon 845-545
Tues 845-545
Thurs 530-Close
Sat 845-545

So that means my Wednesday attendance is unaffected, but Tuesday's game will be cut about 3 hours short. Sorry! ^^;

GAR, Carolyn there's no game saturday! I'm finding these things out later and later nowadays.... sorry for the short notice.

Friday, April 23, 2004

just to make things confusing again...
my mom gave me the wrong dates for the dinner plans,
so i will NOT be switching with Chase this week,
The every-other sequence will continue as usual.

Thank you for your patience!


Monday, April 19, 2004

To the players of Nick's tuesday game,

Due to circumstances beyond my control I need for us to meet at my house tomorrow instead of the usual place. If you have any complaints, questions, or comments please call 835-3683. Thank you and have a nice day.

Sunday, April 18, 2004


Friday, April 16, 2004

Hmmmm....well this is a predicament that I've gotten into here...Lets see what I can do with this...
Ok, first a little clarification. It seems from Brian's post that some of you might think you are taken to the stocks every night. That is not the case. You do not leave the stocks. All the charaters sleep there, I assure you the room is lightproofed so the sun doesn't kill you, and you wake up there every evening. The stocks are not cleaned and neaither are you. It's all very brutal and rather inhumane.
Now, as for the rape of Samara. I have once again changed my mind, but it's all for plot device, so I hope Eve doesn't leave. Let me explain and...well just pay attention. First off the rape is perpetrated by a Malkavian, during your time in the stocks, you see seems to hang around quite often with the 7 foot tall Primogen member, presumably the Malkavian primogen. He seems to take a keen interest in Samara a little more than makes any of you who notice comfortable. Then one day, just a short while before sun set, when everyone has left to go to their respective coffins, he returns from wherever it was he went. He entered the room and went striaght for Samara, taking his pleasure and his time with her, while there was nothing any of you could do. After he had finished he left and soon Samara went to sleep, probobly hopeing never to wake up again. You awake and endure 3 more days of uneventful beatings. On the fourth evening you not to the feel of a golf club against your head but to silence. All the vampires in attendance are silent staring at the five of you sitting helplessly in your stocks. The attention shifts from you to the prince who begins to speak.
"Bring him forward" says the prince in a quiet voice. His two personal bodyguards bring forward the vampire who rapped Samara. They are holding his arms, but there is nothing else restraining him and no weapons pointed at his sneering face. He seems very calm and compsed. He glances at Samara then to Roger (The malkavian Primogen) who smiles back at him and nods. The prince begins to speak.
"These five" He motions to the PC's "Were branded traitors and placed in the stocks as their punishment. They have been put through countless beatings as part of their punishment. This is what I have ordered for those who were going to usurp my city and hand it over to that unholy entity that we know only through rumors as "The Librarian." I know this because they admitted as much to me. That is why they have not been put to Final Death. I have ordered them punished with beating and humiliation by my servants. But someone here has gone against my orders." He looks directly at the vampire that his bodyguards are restraining. "You have raped the one called Samara, an explicit violation of the order I gave that none of them be touched without my permission. You had not my permission, and so you will be punished." The prisoner smiles, as if he expects a slap on the wrist. "You shall be spared final death becuase you are of my clan, but you are hearby stripped of all welth. You monetary assets shall be signed over to me and I shall distribute them to those more deserving. All of your ghouls have been slain, or are being slain as we speak." He smiles at this as everyone present knows he has no ghouls and little money. The Prince turns and begins to walk away. But those of you in the stocks notice him blink several times in rapid succession. The other Malkavian begins to leave. "Stop!" Orders the Prince, and his guards grab the offender, holding him fast. The Prince spins and the stake that seemingly came out of nowhere is buried deep into the chest of the rapist. His eyes widen in terror and his mouth opens to scream but he doesn't have time before the tip of the wooden shaft pierces his heart. He falls to the floor in torpor. "But you're not part of my clan, you piece of scum." The Prince says. He walks over to Liz-Ann and she hands him her tie, a knowing smile on her face. He walks to his impaled victim, and after a glance at Roger, who seems as if he is going to explode any instant, the Prince swings the tie with amazing speed and accuracy and severes the head of the younger Malkavian, that horrible shocked look frozen on his face. The Prince walks over to the stocks and places the head in front of Samara. "He was a monster." The Prince walks away from the stage on which the stocks have been placed and speaks one last time to all gathered. "There will be no more punishment tonight." He walks out of the room, leaving many vampires confused and more than a few quite horrified. The head of the rapist sitse on the stage for long minutes, staing at the five of you, but facing mostly at Samara, until someone bumps the stage, causing it to tip over and fall to the floor, where you lose sight of it...

I hope that satisfies everyone, and leaves people with lots to go on for roleplaying. This is the final change to that night unless I have everyone playing (That menas ever single player) wanting it to happen differently. That should still give Jenny time to nurture her rage about what happened, and hopefully allow you to continue on the path you were about to put Jenny on. And onto the descriptions of the Primogen, and the prince.

The Prince Steven Bellows
He's a young man, probobly in his mid 20's when embraced, and isn't too bad looking, though he's not exactly distince in any way. He tends to wear business suits and has a very calm businesslike manner. He speaks quietly most of the times, and seldom shows emotions other than unadulterated rage. You hear he's Malkavian, but something seems a bit off about him...

Tremere Primogen, Liz-Ann
She is also very businesslike in her dress and manner. She doesn't smile and always wears a skirt and blouse, along with her tie, which glows green for some reason. She is usually cartrying a book around with her and tends to stay near the Prince or in her own Haven's laboratory. You can tell the prince and she have some sort of sexual relationship going on, but they don't seem to be a loving couple.

Malkavina Primogen, Liam
An unusally tall man. He tops out somehwere in the vacinity of seven feet and always wears light colors, but nothing girly. He's a tough guy, and a big tough guy at that. His left arm hangs limp as his side and he gives off an air of supreme confidance. The Prince hates him, and he hates the Prince, it's a working relationship that isn't going to change any time soon.

Nosferatu Primogen, Darius
He's ugly. The flesh on the left side of his jaw is almost completely missing and his left arm is rather unusal. It splits at the elbow and the tibia and fibula have become sort of like a hand. At the end of each bone are small stubs that work like fingers and they work well, considering his grand skill as a piano player. He dresses mostly in blacks and tends to listen more than he talks.

Brujah Primogen, Roger
A squirrly little nerd. He is most often found in his study, reading old books and thinking about gos knows what. He avoids confrontations as much as possible and doesn't show up often to perform his duties as a member of the primogen. He always seems nervous, and speaks quietly. He's a strange one.

Toreador Primogen, Carolyn
She's a valley girl. Bleach blond hair, too much make up, and alwyas wearing the latest styl in California. She's as annoying as she is stupid and she isn't bright. You don't really know why she is primogen, ass she doesn't seem like a good decision maker, but apparently her clan wants her there...

Ventrue Primogen, Milton
He dresses in cheap business suits that seem to remind you of a used car salesman. He's not very tall and not very likeable. He has no real distinguishing makes about him and he certainly isn't the nicest of guys. He seems a little more interestied any money than the well being of the prince or the city.

Ok, that's it. I hope this works for everyone. See you wednesday for Dragon blooded.

Quack Quack Emu SOund
Actually it is a big deal. Good to know that it didn't really happen, Eve would have walked out on the prince if he allowed it to happen (even if it meant her death). Of course she probably wouldn't have seen it anyway with all those shadows lurking in the corners...
It's no big deal either way, Chase. (It sounds like that might alter Jenny's motivation alot anyways...). As for being thrown for a curve, you might not have done 'well', but at least no one jumped off the side of the building 'to keep the element of surprise on their side'.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

I would like to take one thing back about the stocks real quick. Ostermiller's charater was not raped, you were just starting to annoy me Ostermiller, so yeah. Sorry about that. And thank you Brian, that also gives me a lot more insight into your character.

I would like to apoligise to my players for the way the game went. Brian totaly threw me, and that's fine we're not playing rewind the universe, but I did miss out on giving you good discriptions of the primogen and those will come later this week on the knoll blog and just pretend I told you these things as you met them. The next session will begin the day after release from the stocks and so everyone knows you will all have 5 blood points and be one level above incap. Bloodied and bruised, but alive.(Unless Brian finds a way to get you out early...) Hopefully I haven't soured anyone on the game. ANd I would like to apoligise specifically to Carolyn as she got kinda screwed out of the session and has to change her motives and goals as a charter because she was gonna be the mole and find out your secrets. But if you haven't lost your taste for the game, I'm sure you'll be fine.

Quack Quack Emu SOund
(In the interest of letting Chase know about major shifts in advance...)

The first night they put Jenny Sanchez in the stocks, she understood. Assassins, even would-be assassins, had to be put in their place if they were ever to be trusted. So she went without a fight, willing to bear a little humiliation if it meant getting back at that whore with the ruler.

Two months, the Prince said, and the crowd stepped forward with golf clubs to punish them. She lost teeth. Her bones were not merely broken, but splintered. And all her companions with her. And the pain was nothing compared to the thought of 59 more days of the same.

Jenny Sanchez went into the stocks, night after night, along with her friends, and endured beatings that would have killed any mere human being. She might have endured, had they not decided to rape Samara.

That night, she didn't feel the blows cracking her skull. She didn't even notice the swing that knocked loose her jaw, so that she could only make animal noises when she realized what was happening. Her only thoughts at first were to tear the stocks apart and stake everyone in the room. Smash them to pieces with their own weapons and leave them in the sun to burn.

But she couldn't.

So as Samara screamed, Jenny Sanchez's thoughts screamed along. The woman who had torn her apart with a hail of bullets only nights before was suddenly just a helpless little girl with no one to defend her.This is my fault, she realized. I did this.

And now I have to get them out.
To all of my Tuesday players, I sugest you show me your characters BEFORE tuesday. I don't want to spend to much time looking over characters. and Carolyn, we must speak about your character in saturdays game (which is on by the way) I just bought the new psi-handbook, and it's much tasty. Later days

Monday, April 12, 2004

Ok, so Vampire on wednesdaya t 6:30, please don't be late. ANd I would like everyone who can to bring an extra copy of their character sheet for me to hang on to. If you can't get your own copy that's fine, if you don't want to spend a dime or don't have a copy machine just let me take your sheet at the end of the game and I'll make a copy at home. I wouls also like to ask if anyone has Kill Bill? and if perhaps I could barrow it for a few days. I think that's it.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

Friday, April 09, 2004

Dear TSR/Wizards of the Coast:
One of my problem characters found a magical item that either gives him 1,000 GP, a large gemstone, an enchanted greatsword or makes him lose a level. As a result, he is now level one, but he's rich, flooded the gem markets and has hundreds of enchanted swords to choose from. He just keeps using it, and i can't drop him to negative levels. What do i do?

Dear GM: For each level below one that he loses, tell him he gains a level as a halfling rogue with no backstab bonus and no feats. That'll straighten him out. NEXT!

Ok, so this week is Vampire again so everyone remeber their charater sheets (Cody and Brian) and be sure to have a ride (Ostermiller) and be on time (Everyone). We will be having a new charater joining us, probobly, so everyone try to make her life as much hell as yours has been with that sadistic librarian. =) 6:30 as usual, and I would like to iterate to everyone that there are going to be some choices made for the charaters and they'll be important, so think about them as you go through the game. Vampires are not forgiving creatures.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Woo Options Metroid

Face/Off and Paycheck director John Woo has optioned the popular Nintendo Metroid video-game franchise with an eye toward a big-screen adaptation, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The trade paper added that Metroid would focus on the origins of the game's lady protagonist, the bounty hunter Samus Aran, and chronicle her epic clashes with the life-sucking Metroids and their master, Mother Brain.

"We are very fortunate that there is such an extensive amount of material to draw upon for the film due to there being so many iterations of the game over the years," Woo told The Hollywood Reporter. Added Brad Foxhoven, who will co-produce the film, "We have to assume the mainstream audience is unfamiliar with the property. As for the rest of the film, we will stay true to the game and have Samus battling the Metroids and Mother Brain in a fight for control of the galaxy."

The trade paper went on to note that Woo is seriously committed to interactive properties, as he's currently developing three projects at his Tiger Hill video-game studio. The first game will be out in 2005, with the other two to follow in 2006, and Woo will direct the cinematics, oversee the voice talent and stories, manage the character designs and supervise the motion capture elements.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Thanks for the offer Liam, but I don't think I'll need it. See you tomorrow.

Quack Quack Emu SOund

Monday, April 05, 2004

Hey, i thought i'd put it out there, just in case...
Chase, Brian or Lenny, or anyone who's GMing a big campaign,
you're more than welcome to use my big map mat if you like,
just let me know, and i'll get it to you. i've got the pens that
work on it, all i ask is that you keep it in good shape and you
don't let the ink sit on it for too long; as it gets harder and
harder to get out the longer it sits, especially colors like red and

Okay I get it people. You wanna play. Next time I'll remember to keep my mouth shut whenever I have a campaign Idea. Oh and Nick if you want to reserve some of my time on monday, I suggest you call early.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

subtle Cody, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelly subtle. ^-^
i aint saying nothing beside im in a bit of a rut trying to figuer out what to say haveing a bit of witters block this to shal pass maybe abyssals might help...



On another, different note: if you're interested, Brian, i have a badass NPC that needs a player to do him justice. Either you or Matt Turner are that player, and Matt's not around much, so... He's a relatively uninvolved character that makes cameos once in a while. If you're interested, gimme a Javohl.

Lenny, please contact me on information regarding Nick's character for my Dragon-Blooded game.
There are certain criteria that the character needs to fit, and as he's not terribly familliar with the
system or the setting, Neko wasn't totally confident in his abilities to communicate the things i had
in mind for the character. Thank you!

I'm off tuesday and wednesday again like usual, and free thursday until 5 or so. Saturday Im going to Yuba City, but we wouldnt be playing then anyways.
LENNY! I WISH TO RESERVE TIME ON MONDAY!!! DOO ETT!!!! I'll give you a buzz Hombre`

Saturday, April 03, 2004

I work everyday as normal, but I could possibley take one day off during the week, but I'll need to know in advance which day, because I have to call in and all thqat funky jazz. I hate my job.

Quack Quack Emu Sound
I'm free all week except for the weekends as per usual. I would like to devote at least some time to hanging out with my other friends Forrest and Tosh. Also don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour for daylight savings time. So while the rest of you lose an hour of sleep tonight I only lose an hour of work, which I DO get paid for. So remember that when you wake up and go to work tomorrow.
I am pretty much free all week after 12pm.. except Tues and Weds which will have to be after 2:15pm.

Friday, April 02, 2004

i'm available as an ST for Dragon Blooded, or as a player for BESM (Hint Hint) any time next week except tuesday and thursday morning, and thursday evening.
If people are available in large swatches of time (Except, of course, Chadrienne; do you work every single day, Chase?), then let's start the bidding...

To Liam -

Yes. Yes I do!
but I'm a lazy ass, and have nothing to do all week! *hint hint* the only thing people want me to do is model for warhammer in the evening some nights. ^-^ happiness?
Just because it's spring break doesn't mean I have a week off from work =( I'll play but I still won't be able to show up until around 6:30. So yeah.

Quack Quack Emu Sound
I'd be down for more Dragon-Blooded, and would like to get a second game of Nick's Star Wars in as well/start whatever new campaign we decide on. And Brian, I'll try to find Pepper for you since he fits in to the story much better.


Thursday, April 01, 2004

So it turns out that next week is spring break.
Anyone want to schedule some time for an extra DB session?
Or Brian's BESM campaign for that matter?