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Saturday, March 26, 2005

I hereby put out a call to all my D&D players (that's Ostermiller, Adrienne, Lenny, Carolyn and Drake) that the game will soon be coming to a close. There shall be one more session. After that I'll possibly start a new game, and some characters may carry over, but we'll get to that later. As of now I need to hear from every player. Everyone needs to email me all the equipment and wealth their character's have, and also where it is located (on their person, in a portable hole, somewhere else...) Also if they wish to sell any items and if they wish to buy any items. Do not buy any items without my permission. So yeah, that's equipment.

But about the last session. For this session I would like all my players to be present. If anyone would not like to be involved in this last session please let me know so I can take that into account. If everyone wants to play, let me knows schedules weekly, or every other week, or whenever you know. I'm going to get the game made up and runnable this week I hope so we'll be able to play whenever everyone is together. I hope that's all clear.

I think that's all for that game. Anyone interested in a new game after this one let me know and I'll see what I can put together, though I have some ideas and we'll all have to conform to what the DM wants. Just to let people know, it will not be a starting level game, probably somewhere around level five to start, but that's not set in stone. Anyway get back to me.

And Happy Easter.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

P.S. Please send any responses to my email instead of commenting on this. I'll totally lose track of comments.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

So i saw the promotional video for Shadow the Hedgehog today.
Or rather, i saw half of it. i couldn't finish the damn thing.
Man, didn't anyone tell Sega that raping a hedgehog was a bad idea, much less one with an enormous fanbase?
The game looks like someone took Sonic Adventures and did some of those genetic experiments the people down at berkeley get all worked up about. You know, the ones that make glow in the dark monkeys with electric eel DNA and all that, only when Sega did it, it didn't even turn out that well. A dash of the new Starfox, a dash of Max Payne, yet more proof that three great tastes don't HAVE to go great together.
Like Strawberries, Chardonnay and Black Pepper, in this instance.

Of course i'll give the game a shot, just to make sure, but as far as i can tell, even VG Cats has been generous this time.

Well, uh... I'm assuming Drake's SPW Event didnt get pushed to this weekend, since he didnt post anything here...

Anyways. Schedule.

Sun 3/20 3pm-1130pm
Mon 3/21 3pm-1130pm
Tue 3/22 3pm-1130pm
Wed 3/23 3pm-1130pm
Thu 3/24 Off
Fri 3/25 Off
Sat 3/26 3pm-1130pm

...complicated, isn't it?

Friday, March 11, 2005

Well folks the SPW show has been cancled due to issues out of our(me and spw's) control. They will post the new date on the website which I will keep up with and inform you guys asap. Once again sorry for the change up but we all know shit happens. I will post the new show date as I know.
I've taken a week's vacation off of work and while it's started off rather blah- no one is available, and I feel what promises to be one hell of a headache coming on -the upside is that I will be, well, free of work!

Fri 3/11 Today, not doing much of anything, so if anyone wants to do something... =D
Sat 3/12 Practice(?) /Drake's SPW Thingy
Sun 3/13 Practice(?)/Sac-Con
Mon 3/14 Free
Tue 3/15 Warhammer n Stuff with my friend Seth
Wed 3/16 Free
Thu 3/17 Free
Fri 3/18 Free
Sat 3/19 Practice(?)

There's all them question marks next to "Practice" because I think I throttled my knee pretty well last weekend... and I dunno if I'm going to be doing Wade's Animal Kung Fu class for now, although I may take up Tai Chi...



Ostermiller has nothing to do.

What else is new?

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Well for John and anyone else who'd like to know I have another show coming up this Saturday 7pm at the Colonial Theather. I have posted the dates of shows as I know of them on my page but I'll start doing it here as well so yal have twice the oopurtunity to see these announcements. I love you guys for showing up and hope to see you keep coming and sooooon (hopefully) I'll be starting in a few months. So one more time in easy to follow format...

What: Spw "F**KING AWSOME" show
Where: The Colonial Theather, off of Stockton Blvd and Hwy 50
When: THIS Saturday @ 7pm, doors open @ 6:30 bell time is 7pm
Why: Bc you all love me and WANT to show support
How much: Just $10 simple dollars well spent to support SPW

Thank you and hope to see you there.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Hey Drake... could you post the info on your next wrestling event up here?

So once again it looks like Adrienne and I won't be able to play Exalted. She's going to some thing with her dad on Friday this week. It's a comedy thing with jokes and stuff. That's that I guess.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

Monday, March 07, 2005

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Found this in the NS forum. Nice to know we're not the only monster geeks out there.

Ninja Vs. Pirates: An Essay in Six Parts

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

So here's the skinny. Adrienne and I will not be playing Exalted this Friday, we're having dinner with her dad for her birthday. That's the low down.

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