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Thursday, January 29, 2004

I vote wednesday, only because I have to make a choice. Any weekday night will work fine for me, and I believe the same goes for cody. I'll remind Liam to post next time he's over here.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Ok so that's 1 Wednesday, and 1 Thursday. Tie score. Come on people, I need more feedback than this. I can't plan the game mayself since I'm not the only one involved. Let me give you the options again. Thurdays at 7pm ish. Or every other Wednesday around 6ish, so Brian can have study time every other week. More feedback, even from LEnny and Cody on preference, and someone hook Liam up for vote too. GIVE ME FEEDBACK!

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Monday, January 26, 2004

I seem to be getting Wednesdays off right now more then Thursdays... but i can work around either day.

I'm down with thursdays, cause wed. I have Stone Age art lecture.. but that might change and make wed. perfect, as of now I vote thursday

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Ok, new plan. How's Thurdsay after about 7ish or every other week on Wednesday around 6ish? People give me feedback, the pants command you and all that jazz, except Liam because he ahs no ISP.

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Friday, January 23, 2004

Here is my schedule, as it stands. I will update it when necessary, on this very post.

Monday: working 2-6
Tuesday: in class 9:30-11, 1-3ish, 5-7, 7-10
Wednesday: blessed freedom.
Thursday: in class as Tuesday, execpt for 7-10
Friday: working 2-6
Saturday: working 8:30-5:30
Sunday: in church 9:30-11:30ish, working 1-6

Again, if we do get a consistent game time, don't count on me to attend every time. Study time and other priorities, compressed into their smaller-than-usual space, may prevail.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Ok, hold up a second Brian. Your class goes until 9:50 pm? I was thinking playing until 10 ish because I have to get up at the 7 the next morning. We may have to do Wednesday if that's the case and make it maybe every other week or so. But until clarified, Tuesday looks good. But we haven't heard from Ostermiller and someone needs to hook Liam up to the internet for a few minutes so he can say if he'll be coming or not too. So yeah. Also, if there are some holes in the schedule, Brian, around 6ish or so, let me know. Maybe we could do an hour or 2 those Tuesdays, and then you go to class, but if not. Let me know, if you don't want everyone knowing your schedule you can email me, or call me.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Hmm. I have class on Tuesday until just before 10, so that might work well. Any time Wednesday is technically open. Thing is, I may not be able to attend consistently, given my need for studying time. Japanese, you know. Oh, if only they'd just stuck with one alphabet.
Hmm. I have class on Tuesday until just before 10, so that might work well. Thing is, I may not be able to attend consistently, given my need for studying time. Japanese, you know. Oh, if only they'd just stuck with one alphabet.
those tue-wed times work fer me

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Ok, we'll do this the easy way. I'm gonna give two options and everyone but Cody and Adrienne needs to tell me the best of the 2 options for them. And from there we'll collect our schedule and have less of a mess here.
Option 1: Tuesday 6:00ish-9:00 or 10:00 ish PM
Option 2: Wednesday Same times.
Let me know, and Liam, if you ISP is already gone, someone find this out and respond anyway. So yeah there. if neither option works, then we'll figure something else out sooner or later.

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Monday, January 19, 2004

Thought i should give a heads up: i'm off Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but i'll be working, to 5:30-ish at the latest, so if we have an evening game, that's cool. If we want to schedule it for any of those days, i can try to get it as a day off werk too, since i'll probably have the hours to spare


Sunday, January 18, 2004

What time do you get done with school Tuesday and Thursday? Because we could do Tuesday night possibly and yeah. But we still haven't heard from Neko, so he could maybe get back into the games too.

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Given that I'll have one day off per week, I'll want to have it open. However, if we have a game going that starts late on another day, that's coo.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

untell i say other wise what ever works for you works for me


Friday, January 16, 2004

Thought this was worth reading.


Dear Fellow Resident of the WoD,

You’ve been following the countdown clock and the tickertape news releases, so you know about the Time of Judgment that begins today. If you care that the ToJ has arrived, then you’re the person to whom I’m writing, the person I’m thanking.

Thank you for participating in the World of Darkness. Whether it’s been for only a year or will be for all 13 years (1991-2004) or even if it was just one year in 1994 or whenever that you played or read about this world, then I sincerely want to thank you for being among what I consider the best fans in gaming. A lot of fabulous horror stories were told this past decade, and thanks for telling them in the World of Darkness. For our part, the reward has been in providing you the storytelling tools, and even by the standards of today’s media-saturated world, the fact that we’ve gotten to do this for 13 years is pretty incredible.

And look at the change we’ve wrought. In 1991 White Wolf was a small game company that almost went out of business because of a naked faerie on the cover of one of our books. If only they knew what was coming! All of our money (not to mention our parents’ and even grandparents’ money) was riding on the belief that there were others who felt roleplaying games had an unrealized potential and these players would see vampires (and werewolves and mages, etc) as metaphors and use them as cornerstones for profound storytelling. We met the mood of the times head-on and perhaps even drove it a bit. We did not shrink from dealing with difficult subjects, like the ghosts of millions of dead in Nazi Germany or modern Bosnia. Or, yikes, that stuff we did in our Black Dog Games books.

Not all change is good change, but the frank look we’ve all taken at the world through our WoD stories — from exploring both the moral ambiguity of violence in entertainment to the ghettoized portrayal of sex in media — is change I count for the better, and we were all involved.

Of course, maybe we didn’t truly change anything, but perhaps among the hundreds of thousands of fans who for a time dwelt within the World of Darkness there’s a number, or even one, who will create lasting change. There’s no doubt that in equal measure your response to our books changed us. You gave us the confidence as well as the means to continue this work.

There have always been charges that a certain pretentiousness pervades our work. Ok, sure, it’s there. It’s been there since 1991. We’re proud of our work and think lots of people should read it and believe that lots of people could learn something about themselves or the world by playing it. But our pretension is not an affectation, it’s more an arrogance. The same sense you have that your Chronicle is better than that other Chronicle. It’s a sense that we’re doing something artful, something worthwhile, something worth the digression (transgression?) of those to whom we’ve offered the games.

Don’t doubt it, though, we stand on the shoulders of giants.(*)

So why, then, have we “canceled” the World of Darkness? At least that’s how some people are translating what we’re doing. Either that or this is a gimmick to make money and then everything will go back to being exactly the same. I won’t deny that the ToJ makes both artistic and business sense, but though it’s been to our detriment many times in the past, the artistic usually wins out at White Wolf just as it does for you. Numbers have a place because White Wolf is now a “real” business with about 40 employees and many of those with families, but mainly, it’s irrefutable that the WoD has been leading to its own demise. It’s always been true that the thing that makes the best artistic sense for the legacy of the World of Darkness is that it end. As storytellers, if we don’t deliver on this fundamental promise, then what kind of integrity do we have in the future? None.

And what’s artistry without integrity? Nothing. Then we really would be nothing but pretentious posers.

Finally, in addition to you and all the other fans of the WoD, I’d like to thank White Wolf employees and freelancers past and present. Absolutely phenomenal work, folks. The ingenuity that’s sprouted from the seeds planted in 1991 is awesome. The current crew at WW is fabulous, the best ever, I think, and it seems like every couple months someone is celebrating 10 years with WW. The talented group of employees now in Stone Mountain (and in a few fortunate cities around the US and Canada) is very anxious to show just what we’ve done to your World of Darkness, and then afterwards, oh boy afterwards…! That’s some great stuff too. It’s what we would have done 13 years ago if we’d have been capable of it.

Thanks again. Really. Enjoy the “times” ahead. It’s your reward for caring about the WoD.

Best regards,
Stewart Wieck

Co-founder, White Wolf, Inc.
Co-creator, World of Darkness
Co-designer, Vampire : The Masquerade & Mage: The Ascension

(*) Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson for creating the rpg industry. Greg Stafford, the great shaman himself, and the whole crew of 1980’s Chaosium for creating the first art in rpgs. Tracy Hickman for bringing story to the medium.
As usual weekdays are perfect for me since I have those days off regularly. And since i'll be able to sleep every saturday, I won't bitch about my job nearly as much, the hideous bags under my eyes will eventually go away, I'll stop having waking nightmares, blood will no longer pour from the taps at work. Generally speaking things will be better for me.
Ok, so with those horrible fuzzy things in mind, i'm thinking either a Tuesday or Wednesday evening game. I get home around 5 everyday so it has to be after that. But let's here from the audience. You sir what do you think? ~holds Bob Barker style microphone for Brian to speaking into~ And you sir? ~this time for Neko~ What about everyone else? ~A sweeping gesture with his arms to indicate everyone else involved in these rather hard to organize games~

So I now offically cancel Saturday games, unless otherwise stated.

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Today's dose of terror-vomit inducing hellish unreality comes to us courtesy of Liesel. In her words:
"...Cozy is kind and gentle. She has blue fur and three creamy utters that are fun to fondle" This is the DEVIL'S ENGRISH... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! *is now screaming so hard no sound is coming out*

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

My schedule has... tightened up. I work Friday thru Monday, and get off at around 7 each day. When school starts next week, that'll tie up Tuesday and Thursday. Hence, Wednesday becomes my new weekend.

When I asked him something like that recently, he said that he mainly saw us when we gamed, and since we changed the time on him, he wasn't able to play anymore....

*shrugs* We should be able to change that this semester, I hope. Anyways, I have no set schedule, Chase. But once everyone else finds a good day to play I'll do my best to consistently get it off so we can play. This week I'm off on MWF. If that continues, Ill let people know.


You know, I really miss Neko. How did he manage to sneak his way off the face of the earth?
Dear Lord... thats absolutely horrible crap.
OK everyone, i've found it definitive proof that we are all going to hell (except for Brian and maybe me if I can croak out a repentance before I die).

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Ok, well with these new changes I'm going to need an update to our RPG schedule. So what times do you work now, Brian and John? As it is, we probobly won't be playing this saturday either, but that could change. Anyone else with possible conflicts should post them too. So yeah, i knew something was gonna go wrong sooner or later.

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Monday, January 12, 2004

Personally, I miss Neko's Star Wars game.

I really miss playing the evil campaign. we should go back to it sometime.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Oh yeah. The person I was covering mornin shift for is back now. Soo... unless I get the day off, Im workin Sat's agin. sorry!


Friday, January 09, 2004

Vampire is cancelled for tomorrow. Adrienne and I won't be there, but you can all pretend or do something else. Sorry

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Thursday, January 08, 2004

You have got to check this out. WTF mate?

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Shall be off work on Saturday at 3. After this weekend, my schedule will be changing drastically. I will be spending weekends (and several weekdays) cutting wedges of cheese in the service of Corti Brothers' Market. Decent pay with steady hours. And a growing knowledge of various cheeses. I'm working on actual enthusiasm, but this job is definitely a gift from God. The timing, location, and everything is just too perfect.

I'll keep everyone updated as to specifics.
Guten Tag. Im off at 1PM on Saturday...

Im assuming Chadrienne will do the picking-upness?


Ok, it's Thursday then. We still need your schedule for this week Brian, and Ostermiller. I think you may have told me John, but I don't remeber so just post it again for Saturday. And so everyone knows this weeks session will be mostly story so I expect more interaction from the players. After all you have no contact with anyone from your pasts and some of you cling precariously to your humanity as it fades from your immortal heart. So yeah people, come on. And that's the end of that.

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Friday, January 02, 2004

Well we got a call from Brian saying he'll make his way to Lenny's somehow between 1 and 2 so we can get cody and John. CODY, BE READY WHEN WE GET THERE, IT WILL BE JUST BEFORE 1 O CLOCK, HAVE TAKEN A SHOWER, HAVE YOUR DICE AND/OR CHARACTER SHEETS AND JUST BE ALL READY TO GO!

Quack Quack Emu SOund
Ok, hold on a second, I remebered something from last night and it will cause havoc on Saturday. We need to know who is getting who or how they're getting there. I told John we'd pick him up, as we were leaving I told him this, but I think Lenny may have already planned to do such. I remebered that later. Adrienne and I can get cody since he's down the street, but what about Brian? We have four seats in the car. So eaither Adrienne and I can get Brian or we can get John, cause we'll get cody no problem. Lenny, who do you want to pick up? You have to wake up either way. Decide quickly, and let me and adrienne know.

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