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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I regret to inform my players that there will be no game today, as I have to plauge. Sorry for the inconvience, I'll catch you guys later when I'm feeling better. And make sure your all still working on your planar characters. While there will be another Star Wars session, I want to make sure I take care of all questions and junk beforehand.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Wow, in light of the awesome feedback i recieved, i thought i should post something.
With regard to John: Rest assured, you will all be out in creation after this story, but i'd wager once you're out there, you're going to be begging the Lookshy Guards to let you back in the gate. }:-)>
One option that is available to you is this: If you feel that your character was a misguided creation, i would be perfectly willing to let you leave this one as the new candidate for Sidereal Influence in Lookshy, and you could make another character for the next story if you like. This character's nature and contacts make him an ideal choice as far as the Sidereals are concerned, and i know you always feel more comfortable when you can make a new character for each story ;-)

With Regard to Lenny: Do not worry, you'll all be working together soon, blunting my abilities to "shore up your strong points and exploit your weaknesses," this story was mostly just a prelude to get you all into your characters, and get us all past that "Pussy-Starting-Character" phase that we all hate. As you mentioned, there are some players who are making more progress unaided than others... As for Carolyn's character, it's hard to make her a more directly involved character at the moment, but i think she'll be around more during the next Story, mostly pulling her hair our over the shit you guys are pulling in Creation. Besides, as i mentioned to John, you'll probably want a Sidereal Martial Artist with you soon.

With Regard to Cody: Remember, Haiku is 5-7-5, and your parting comment is priceless. i look forward to seeing you kick fish from your opponents.

And finally, with regard to Chase, who had the most badass feedback ever:
It looks like we'll only have maybe one or at most two more sessions before we get to the tournament, so if you'd like more social interaction in your house than that, i'd be happy to run a session or two with you on the side, 1-on-1 like. As far as the plot goes, there's a few interesting twists to the plot that you guys haven't seen yet, and i'm betting that you'll be pleased to see them. Yes, you're correct, as far as not really using the skills you were chosen for; i was mostly trying to make this story an excuse for you guys to have some fighting experience without subjecting you to potentially lethal encounters, because let's face it: Unless you minmax them, starting Dragon-Blooded are the pussies in Exalted. The EP you're getting now is points you can spend freely into combat abilites and physical attributes and i'm not allowed to complain. Finally, with regard to the House Champions, obviously i made them important NPCs, and i was hoping you guys would seek them out, or at least seek out information on them. i'd urge you guys to approach them in the same way you'd approach a similar situation in real life, given all the same variables.

Thanks for the feedback, guys! i'll see you there!

Sunday, March 28, 2004

it wasint clever at all it was bad poetry and nothing more

im sorry it was a bad Hiku and nothing more you shoud know by now thats not how i start shit and you shoud know bad poetry by experience

and yes Liam you game is good i need to kick the carp out of the higher ups in my house then we can be done with the turment thing and what not then what ever happens next is up to you

P.S : john thanks but no thanks for the help and the fact that you responed at makes it art
Either... Cody's trying to be funny and failing utterly or he's being a shit and that was totally uncalled for. And yes, I know I read too much into things frequently, and am trying to curb such behavior, but this is after all Cody (as Carolyn pointed out to me). I'm inclined to think it was the former presently.

Chase, I must say you are running a really good Vampire game. I'm not sure how much I like this strict path we've been set on, but now I'm sure it's going to widen up our choices since we've gotten off the prelude/training part. As for Samara, I think taking the 'trying to stay human' is the best route for her, rather then being a monster... and will try to play her in that manner from here on out. On a side note to Liam, I too think Carolyn should get involved more and that it would be nice for us to interact like Lenny said, but also think you had a point regarding 'the only time we work together is when we're not together' a while back.


Chase Liam you do good work
there you got you fucking imput
good day to you all


Woohoo, feedback from me. And for me. Just to put it up there, I would also like feedback on the VTM game. At this point, there is also the chance to bring in new charatcers if Carolyn would like to join, or Liam would like to give it another shot. But yeah. This whole premogin destroction is a far reaching and long term goal in the game. It's a step by step process and you'll meet all of the primogen first before you destroy them, and you have to make your way through the complex web of lies and deciet. ~Evil laughter~ Hmm. Ok, but yeah, suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

As for the dragon blooded game, I would like a little more social interactions within and without the house, as well as maybe a little bit of intrigue. Maybe a secret alliance between some houses keeping the earth house in place to oppose what the sidereal want. induct one of the PC's into the conspiracy and see what happens to them. You know, tricky stuff that no one sees coming. Or we can just go to tournamnet so we can get out of these houses. I hate those pigs in my house, I must escape! Anyway. Yeah. I also think it should be more of the group interaction and use of our skills for which we were chosen. I mean, I certainly can't use my tracking and survival skills if I'm inside a house all the time and Adrienne can't do any blacksmithing if she has no materials and isn't allowed to keep or sell her items. Ostermiller can't do much in the healing department if evenyone around him wants to wipe their ass with his face...that sorta thing. I'd also like to meet some of the more important NPC's. Like the #1's. My house's #1 made a cameo, and stormed off. But Yeah, I'll stop feeding back now because I'm sure this is enough to help.

So yeah, don't forget to feed me back on mine, and if Carolyn wants to join, e-mail me and we'll figure something out for it, and Liam to if he wants another crack at the game.

Quack Quack Emu Sound
Yay! I is teh rocks! Oh, fer tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuesday.... Carolyn isa gonna be late, so we need to kill time till 5 or something. And thoughts? We have another SW game before we switch to Planar, (or whatever you guys vote at the last second.) so be ready for cliffhanger enders and chapter finales. Oh, and are you gonna be there Liam?

DUN-DUN-DUN! The Jello thickins...
Yay!!! Feedback time!!! Let's get the torches and rope.

The Lookshy story arc is neat and all, but I think its about time to wrap it up. Also I would like to be able to work with the other players more, I can do fine on my own but it is quite clear that some of our characters are unable to succeed without the help of others. Not that this is a bad thing, civilization requires that people rely on eachother for specialized tasks. Also I think Carolyn's character should be involved moe directly. Of course all these suggestions would have to be used for the next story arc. In spite of my suggestions you are doing well and I gotta say its good to be playing exalted again.

and on the subject of feedback:

Nick's game rocks
Carolyn's game rocks
Brian's game rocks (on the few occaisions we get to play. hint hint)
Cody's game rocks (whenever i get the chance to play)
Chase's game rocks (even though my character is probably gonna die soon)
and Liam's game rocks

Saturday, March 27, 2004

I'd like to see another few sessions of the Lookshy Arc and then be done with the tournament... it would be cool to be off in creation after that, or perhaps a visit back to the blessed isle. I don't see a need for another market day run...

Okay, Kids.

It's time for some feedback on the Dragon-Blooded game.
Please don't tell me "It's great! Keep it up!" i'm pretty sure you're all fairly pleased with the game, and i'm looking for something a little more constructive than that. i'd like to hear ideas as to where the game should go in the next few sections, how much longer you want to go in this Lookshy Story, what sort of interactions you'd like. To put it another way, i can gloss over everything and have the high tournament next session if we want. OR, if you guys want another shot at the market, we can have another market day. If you're looking for a lot more in-house social interactions, we can run a few more sessions like we have been, it's up to you guys, so give me some thoughts, and i'll take things into account. Thanks!


Friday, March 26, 2004


Changed the link on the sidebar as well.
change of address for my blog
make a note of it

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Ok, then. Since I don't really have much it will be put off as Brian's suggestion. If Liam had dragon blooded ready and wants to jump in early, that's fine, or if anyone else wants to do anything for rping that's cool too. I still figure on going to Lenny's and hanging out if that's cool, because I'm bored at home alot. So yeah.

Quack Quack Emu Sound
Y'know, Lenny and I have been wondering if it'll be worth all the trouble to get together for V:TM on Wednesday. A shorter-than-usual game doesn't leave time for much at all, compared to the hassle of getting everyone in one place, and the planning Chase must do. If all is in place already, so be it. But if we could simply wait until next session for things to be more together, I'm quite all right with that. I believe I speak for Lenny as well.

I appreciate the time and effort you're putting into this game, Chase. Again, if you've already gone to the trouble of planning everything, I'll be good to go.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Shorter game is cool by me. I got scheduled to work midday shift on thursday anyways.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Ok then, VTM is on for Wednesday, but it may be a shorter than usual game. I'm working on it, but there may not be as much as I want to do. And yes, you will all be wittness to Lenny's exocution of the poor latino family weho's car he stole, excellect chance for role-playing everyone, so yeah.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

Friday, March 19, 2004

Picked up Star Munchkin for the group(s)... for when people are late or we need something to do!


Tuesday, March 16, 2004

HELL just call lenny when you get the chance
Actually I was under the impression we were going to be at Great Escape.

Well. I guess I'll know in a little over 10 hours.

if you read this at any piont today were hanging around at Lennys so call there or do what you must


Monday, March 15, 2004

Am I meeting people at Great Escape tomorrow? Or where should I show up?
I realised something very important last night. It came in a flash as I opened my back pack and found that I didn't have my Vampire Core book. If anyone knows where it ended up please let me know. If anyone accidently took it, please bring it to Lenny's on Wednesday so I can get it back. I need it to plan. ANd if no one has any idea where it is, I'll need to borrow one until I find it, if that's ok. I would also like to say my miniture is a cool little archer guy and he's cool, plus I don't have any of those glass beads, so until Carolyn shows up, I won't have anything else to use. Oh well, if you disallow, my character will be napping for a while.

Quack Quack Emu Sound
i'm disallowing MageKnights miniatures on the grounds that they exceed the size limit i gave, so Cody, you're going to need to find something else, Chadrienne, if your Miniatures conform to the limits specified, then you're good, but i'm still leaning toward the glass beads; i suppose we'll see when we all get there which werks better.

im all for useing minatures mage knights is good for that

mimatures are bad ass

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Minatures are still cool, right? Chase and I went out and got them for our characters...
Okay, as it stands, i will be expecting you all to have glass beads as markers on wednesday, unless we get some votes to the contrary before then.

Beads seem more fesable to me.


Saturday, March 13, 2004

I have some of them beads.. I use them as trackers for my card game, but I'm sure I could give some up if you guys need them as character tokens.

However, don't think that just because I have some means you guys get to flake on your homework! I'm still going to be late to the game this week, and you guys will need markers when you start playing.
By the way...
If there's any question as to the acceptability of your miniature, ask me.
As Gallagher says, "It's that easy."

ALTERNATIVELY, i'd like to have a vote here:
Rather than individualized miniatures, i'd highly approve of the small glass beads we normally use to track essence. If we opt for this, i'd require that the color of your bead reflect your elemental aspect as follows:

AIR: White
EARTH: Black
WOOD: Green

i favor this option, since these things are pretty uniform in size and shape, easily defined by color, and give an overall tidier effect.


Friday, March 12, 2004

Carolyn, no worries about not being there right away; i don't need anything of your character in the beginning that i can't delegate to an NPC instead.
The rest of you heathen swine- You've got a homework assignment. By Wednesday, you MUST have a miniature for your character. This miniature should be more or less 1 cubic inch, and may NOT be any sort of polyhedral die or coin, as they're too easy to mix up. If you have a favorite figure from monopoly, a prized childhood pencil eraser, whatever, you're set. Just so there's no confusion, i'll run through the regulations for miniatures again:

-1 Inch Cubed
-Not a Die or Coin, no matter how unique
-Must be present, at the game, when everyone else is ready.

Failure to provide a miniature for play will result in your character falling ill from a debilitating disease (Yes, i have the stats for Dysentary.), and your character will be inactive for this session. This chapter will be market day; so it is not crucial to the plot, but by the same token (No pun intended) you do NOT want to miss out.

Thanks folks, see you all there!

I've taken this coming week off as paid vacation, so I'm free for wheneva.

While I'd like to start without you Carolyn, it's difficult to run without you considering your all together right in the middle of a huge Sith crypt. It's not really possable to start without you. I'm sure we can find a way to kill time till then. everyone else up to just hang out till Carolyn get's off teh workz0r?
Availability posty time!
It's a long week, so Tues and Weds will have to happen later..

Tues I get off from work at 5:45, so I'll be late to Nick's game, but if you guys want you can go ahead and run it without me, since it'll be cutting a good amount of time away from playing time unless we go later than the norm.

Wed I get of at 6:30, which is late, but only a half hour more than we would have started. Same as above though, if you guys need to start, go ahead and do so. I can be where ever (prolly Lenny's, you mooches) by 7pm.

Is all for now. Sleep time.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

See that dead horse over there? I'm gonna beat it real quick. Tomorrow, 6:30. Lenny's house. Vampire. Be there if you're in it. And yeah, I'm tired. Bed time for me.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Wow. What a couple of posts.

"Well it seems I've inadvertantly unleashed the evil dragon of politics to ravage the countryside.
Oh well."

"does cody have a cell phone or somthing?"

~ dies laughing ~
game is on for tuesday, but if Cody can't be there till 3, then I'll take the time to go to the hardware store beforehand. does cody have a cell phone or somthing?
Well it seems I've inadvertantly unleashed the evil dragon of politics to ravage the countryside.

Oh well.
Personally, I think its great to see someone look at it with a open mind. Having not read it, I cant comment on it, but nontheless the fact that 'the bleeding heart liberal' is 'defending' the Patriot act is admirable.

i'm pretty sure everyone that knows me is going to be rather surprised to hear this, but...
i have, for the record, read the USAPATRIOT Act cover to cover, and what i've found is that most of the bad press it's getting is misguided, underinformed and mostly baseless. Contrary to UCLA press (Which i support very much, but not in this case) the Patriot Act does not grant the government any new powers. If there is fault to be found with the Patriot Act, it lies with overbearing legislation that already existed, and overzealous enforcers exploiting loopholes in it. In several cases, in fact, the Patriot Act grants an average citizen more privacy than the previous leislation allowed for. However, i'm totally open to debate on the subject.


Saturday, March 06, 2004

i have nothing to say about politics outhere then will se what happens
as for role playing Chase i dont know what im going to do with character i was trying to play him up as haveing problems with masochism and thinking he can not die but im finding my self have a hard time doing any thing with him play but will see what happens

and as for Nicks star wars game i might not be able to make it untell 3:00 oh and were are we playing?

thats it for now

I certainly voted in this last, small, yet very important election as well as in the recall the idiot some other people elected as governor because I couldn't vote yet. I would also like to put forth the point that G.W. has made alot fo mistakes and as president he should pay for them, monetarily. How much as he cost this county on an unjustified war built on unreliable information that he said was totally correct? Well I think he should have to pay it all back. Every penny and maybe someone of his more vocal supports too. Why the hell do we need to blow up Iraq if they really had no chemical weapons? Why did he contiune to insist that there were weapons when his chief weapons inspector said there were none? Because he's a jerk. He cheated the election because his brother got him the state that won it for him. Well this time....I really hope people aren't stupid enough to vote for him again. And for any of you who have not looked at it throughly, look up the U.S.A.P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act. Yes that's right, it stands for something. It's a menicale little thing and really should have him stricken from the history books. But anyway, I'm done talking about Bush, I don't like him to say the least. But yeah, don't be late Wednesday. I have plans for stuff that people will be doing. ANd one last thing(I know I sound like I'm ragging on Cody alot, but he needs it) When we play. STAY AT THE TABLE!!! None of this wandering off crap. If you wander off other people wander off and then everything goes to hell. SO yeah.

Quack Quack Emu Sound
As the advocate for self-empowerment in the group, i'd say that anyone who doesn't vote, even "because my absentee ballot didn't come this time," has no right whatsoever to complain about politics.

Being 'The Conservative of the group' according to Liam, I'm sure some will be shocked at my dislike of Bush at the moment and his mettling with the rights of the people of the United States. And Chase, don't worry about me whining... I intend to be less of a bonehead about combat.


Friday, March 05, 2004

And on that note I'd like to state for the record that I do not like George W. Also, don't forget about Vampire on Wednesday at 6:30. I would like to reiterate to Cody that he needs to work much more in character and less telling people everything about who you're working for. I would like to put into this also that now that you are out in the work there will be a chance for characters to die, and not come back. Know that if youre character dies it's nothing personal, but it could happen. And don't even begin to whine about it if your character dies Ostermiller because you jumped into the line of fire without thinking, as you are prone to do. And so, I dislike George W. very much and think he needs to not be re elected. There, something other than roleplaying and roleplaying both in the same post. My head hurts, I say the Crucible at AR tonight and generally plays give me headaches, as do movies. I know this really isn't of any several importancde to anyone but it happens. it also seems to happen when I go to movies so I think it has something to do wiht the lighting and the darkness that I am submerged in. I may just have to give up on theatres altogether, but I probobly wont.

Quack Quakc Emu Sound
I have nothing to talk about, so I keep my mouth shut.

Then again, I rather like the conversations about roleplaying. So there!
Roleplaying is an easy topic of conversation. In fact, sometimes it seems like the only topic, on this blog and otherwise. I must admit, I've been immensely glad to have friends around me lately, especially since the return of Carolyn and Nick; but I'm dismayed that we talk overwhelmingly about roleplaying. Furthermore, we get mired in discussions of systems, not even of characters, which I find infinitely more... important. Not that the aforementioned conversations aren't amusing. Sometimes, I just wish for something better.

Just so you know.
Personally, i'd like to thank all the players of my Exalted campaign for playing right into my waiting hands; i'd hoped that this was the session where we'd introduce your rivals, and for the most part, you didn't disappoint me by challenging someone only slightly above you. See you week from Wednesday!! ^_^

Hrm.... before. Wow. I really can't remember.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

I know I'm an outsider to the original knoll crew, so forgive my presumption in asking this. Does anyone else remember when we did more than talk about roleplaying on this blog?

Monday, March 01, 2004

Tomorrow, I'll expect to see you guys when I see you, but if you all decide to relocate I'd like ta know please.

As for Liam, well, he knows my opinion of next week's game. Hehe oh yes, looking forward to this one!

Lenny, I'll try and bring something.

John, while your IOU game might be interesting, I don't see any promise for a one shot. But since you're decided not to do either I suppose it no longer matters, but I felt I should still respond since you asked.

Nick, welcome back!

guess who's back.....
back again....
Neko's back....
tell a friend....
All very valid points... thanks for the feedback guys! As for Alderaan, Liam, I said the same thing until I read something in one of the SW fatsplats.... And as for Xmen that was pretty shitty of me to cop out on people, so I think I'll wait on running things.

As for tuesday, I would kindly appreciate a ride... I guess I'll talk to Nick about that one once he gets back, considering he'll be out of skool first. As for food, if someone wants to drive to help me procure it, great. Otherwise, Ill order Dominos or from some nearby means.