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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ok, Neko is turning 24 and after many years of NOT celibrating there is finaly somthing to jump for joy about: I won't be 23 anymore! This is good becuase it means poeple can start liking me again. While I don't know the exact date due to my sparatic work schedule, I would like to do it some time after the 6th. I mention this ahead of time so people can check their schedule's, but also so I might solicit sugestions for when's, what's, and where's, of partyness. Sugestions welcome.

Side note: I will be making bao for this gala, but I can't feed a throng of persons, and I do look forward to seeing a whole throng of persons.

Monday, October 30, 2006

So Zombie-Fans, Wednesday is the proposed day for Game Night, and this Wednesday will be Zombie Apocalypse Session Three for all those interested. New players/characters welcome! i have a dinner to go to earlier in the evening, but it should be taken care of pretty early, and we can get down to the game. Questions? Comments? Conflicts? Leave a comment. Now the question is: WHERE?
We've had a highly successful session at both Lenny's and at Brian's, where shall we hold session three?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

So my schedule has suddenly been blow wide open at my very sudden loss of employment. Until I get a new job Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays will be pretty much open if people want to RP, hang out, but I'm gonna be tight on cash so don't expect me to do anything involving money. And I hope there's still room to join in the Zombie killing, Liam, because I would like to, but I just couldn't miss the taco's the other night. I would have been in bigs trouble.

Quack Quack ~Emu Sound~

Friday, October 27, 2006

By the way, thanks to everyone who participated in the first session of the Zombie Apocalypse. Zombies, Vampires and Ghouls, oh my! It was a great session, and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves a lot. i've got one more session already planned out in notes and no shortage of ideas for antagonists, but beyond that i'm open to suggestions on Locations. Anywhere you've always wanted to see zombies swarming around? John, i know you had your job in mind, and i'm sure most people wouldn't mind zombies destroying their place of work, any other ideas?
Second, any other feedback on the game?
Third, you up for another one this weekend, gents?

Monday, October 23, 2006

So, after many years of playing Ork I've finaly taken up the mantle of the emperor and joined his holy fight against the mutants and heritics. So, as a grand inquisitor of the Ordo Heriticus I must purge myself of the Xeno scum. For you laymen, I speak of course of Warhammer 40K. While I know Cody wants to play Imperial guard, Brian had passing interest in Tyrinid, and Lenny I think had interest in being a fellow Witch Hunter, I'd like to send my filthy Xeno collony to a safe domicile, so I may hunt them myself. Long story short I got much of my army on the cheap and I'm willing to pass the savings on to any heritic willing to rule the green skins. We can talk about price or trade for any or all Orky junk. Maybe then John and I will have some more compitition for galactic control. Tee Hee!

Clense... Purge... Kill!
For the Emperor.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

i think it's time we took up the mantle once again of our old "Game Night" tradition. One night a week that works for people's schedules, when we can all get together and just game. Risk, RP, Video Games, this awesome french card game i found, whatever. It was good times when we did it before, and i'm all for having it again. Lenny has recently furnished his "Rumpus Room" i know, and Brian's isn't far away either, i recall him volunteering his space a long while back as an alternative to "The House." Furthermore, provided it was something scheduled beforehand, i'm sure any of our homes could be made suitable for such a gathering. Please comment with your opinion and/or what time(s) would be good for you.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Okay, if you wanna whack some zombies, ghouls, vampires and other spooky stuff, my new game is now officially taking on players. The game setting will be Sacramento, and the theme is a full-on Zombie Apocalypse, a la whatever film you care to reference. Accepted character formats are: Mortal, Hunter, Garou, Mage and Changeling. Anyone and everyone is welcome to play (that means you too, Liesel, if you wanna splat some zombies with us nyerds in your few moments of free time), just post a reply if you're interested or have questions. Submit sheets whenever, however.

Monday, October 16, 2006

...and by the way,
welcome back, Liam.
Thank you guys for all who made it out to SPW's annual Holloween show for the year. I would like honest and up front commentary from all those who were in attendance. I belive the next show is the 19th of November but I'll confirm it again later when I've been given more info.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I think that this movie will be one that I won't miss when it hits theathers. To bad it's not out til march of next year.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

District 13B is a French action movie starring David Belle, co-founder of parkour. I think we should check out this movie and then play BESM.

Anyone got a Netflix account? It's on DVD.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Yeah boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess who just got back in the game w/ yahoo/sbc inter-web access biotches???
give up?...IT"S ME!!! now that I'm onlive again I sigh a huge releif because it feels so good to have it back in my life, I mean trying to stay clean is soooo hard especially when you're as hooked as I am. Well I love you all and joy fills my heart so I'll make sure to share it w/ you all here online, on the knoll blog, or maybe just in CoV. Peace out my peeps.
Next saturday ( 14th ) fom 6:00 to 9:00 pm i one Cody Skalisky along with two other fine chaps wil be haveing the opening of are art show at The Bartion Gallery whach is at 17th and I ( if you never been there is a map in the news and review or you can use map quest) downtown I hope to see you all there and maybe the can be a late dinner or sometihng affter words andy be there or be disowned ( for like a week or something ) thank you all

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Please come and join us on the 15th this month as we put on our halloween show for the year. You'll see a 1 hour iron man match between Adam Thornstow and The Big Ugly in match 6 of their best of supreme seven series, also the famed halloween battle royal, what superstars will be there? Come find out at St. Peter's hall @ 5:30 on sunday the 15th. This show will be awsomwe guys I promise you'll enjoy this show if you come, please try to make this one. =) I will not let you guys down this year, it's gonna be awsome.