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Friday, July 27, 2007


"Oh that reminds me, could you post on the Knoll that we're going to play at 2:00 on Sunday and ending at 5:00, so people should get to our place around 1:30, so we have time to goof off before starting."

You heard it folks, Dragon Blooded on Sunday.

Also, you should all come enjoy some tasty food at our capoeira fundraiser. This means supporting me, Chase, Lenny and Cody. Four friends for the price of one! (or something like that)

A Midsummer Local Foods Dinner

Saturday August 4th at 6pm.
716 N Street, Davis

This meal will feature local foods at their freshest and finest, including fruits and vegetables from Good Humus Produce. Live Capoeira performance to follow!

Tickets $25. Proceeds will support the Capoeira Arts Academy's annual batizado or belt changing ceremony and the Farm Preservation Project at Good Humus Produce.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Dragon-Blooded!

UPDATE!!!! I am canceling the session for Saturday. Yes, that's right. We're going to McLatchy Park instead to do a big roda and everyone should come and check it out. Yay roda. Also, I ahve Dragon-Blooded news. I will be changing the game in one very large way. I will be removing John's character from the main group. Due to the fact that we have had frequent schedule issues I feel it is better that we remove one of the schedule conflictors. I will be running a side game with John, and he will be keeping his character and all, but as of right now there and two games. That should help solve schedule problems as it will allow us to only worry about Neko and Jess schedule issues for this game, and John schedule issues as a thing for only me. So yeah.

I'm also ret-conning the game. For all intensive purposes John's character was taken back to the Blessed Isle because of the crushed pelvis. Intensive surgery had to be pderformed (which is pretty bad if a dragon blood needs surgery) but you all recieve news that she is recovering well and is on her way to becoming an Immaculate monk. Due to her hand in helping to defeat the Anethema in the South V'Neef was able to easily get her into the order, where she will bring great honor to house V'Neef. If I forgot anything else remind me. Otherwise, that's the way it's going to be for now. Also, Lenny, when are you leaving for Hawaii and when will you be back?

The following paragraph is no longer important:
After consulting with many council members and their staff I have determined that it is possible that we might play on Saturday, early noonish. Let me know if this does not work out for any players, namely John, because he's the only one I haven't spoken to. So yeah, let me know John. Everyone else, check back for updates as events transpire.

Quack Quack ~Emu Sound~

P.S. John, I don't think anyone has your new phone number. Hence the not consulting. Give me a call so I can capture your number in my poke phone! or leave it here or something, I don't know.

P.P.S. Liam and John specifically. Our 5 year reunion is coming up on August 4th. I don't know if they were able to catch you guys and send you the letter, but yeah, that's happening, so you know.
Whatev, then.
Due to disinterest/incompatibility, the ZA game is cancelled.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Again I Call!!

Yes, that's right! Give me the schedules! I must know, when shall we be able to play dragon-blooded? When? The pants command you!

Quack Quack ~Emu Sound~

The flyer says it all folks

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You guys know the routine, please comes support SPW this Sunday.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Human Tornado dunks on Matt Sydal

Perhaps the epitome of ridiculous and ruthlessly awesome.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Apocalypse, that is.
i had a totally awesome idea for the final session tonight, so i'm scrapping my original idea for the end and going with the new one. You will love it. i'd love for the game to end the night of the TFO zombie-crawl, so i'm going to have to ramp up the frequency of sessions. i see there being maybe three or four left. Now the question is WHEN is time for zombies?

film night anyone?

Will I do not know about the rest of you, but i have a ton of movies and things i would like to show you all and i was thinking that we could have a knoll movie night .

any ideas


Friday, July 13, 2007

This is great

Thursday, July 12, 2007

EDIT: Someone should have mentioned that the link was broken.

Game this Sunday!

Ok, so I've decided to run the Lunar game this Sunday since schedules won't work very well otherwise. So yeah. This Sunday, around 1ish we'll play some epic Lunars at my place. If there are any problems, let me know.

Quack Quack ~Emu Sound~

P.S. Let me know about schedules for next week and we'll see if we can coordinate some Dragon-Blooded then.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Role Playing!

I put out a call to those people in both my games. I need to run them, they are getting dangerously closing to falling into the void of not existing. If you are in either my Elder Lunar Game or my Dragon-Blooded game give me some schedules and availableness for the coming week or two! I have stuff for both games, so I can run either on pretty short notice. Notice! Also, if you would like to drop out of either game let me know so I can correct the story. Notice!

Quack Quack ~Emu Sound~

Monday, July 02, 2007

Leeeeeeaving, on a jet plane...

Leaving for portland tuesday. Gonna return sunday. Thought you'd like to know.