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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hey, i'm not sure how many people knew the actual particulars, but i leave this Saturday in the morning, and i'd kinda like to see you all before then. i still really like the idea of getting everyone (like, everyone; Forest, Tosh, Bef, Carolyn, Mike, Moe, Matt, Jose, whoever can be got) and doing Cody's "Last Supper" picture idea maybe on Friday. What sez the peanut gallery? i know it's a bit short notice.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I know we're suppose to alternate between weeks for the D&D games (and in a sense we still are) but since we were missing one player last Saturday Neko said he would run his pirate game this Saturday. (At least, I'm pretty sure we're pirates. I made my character for a pirate game. Is everyone else a pirate? Of course you're pirates, who doesn't want to loot and plunder?) Also, I was curious about what everyone else would be playing in the pirate game? I remember Jess saying her character would never touch the deck, but I'm not sure what class that is, and I can't really remember anyone else. I'm going to be a sorcerer who specializes in air magic (and consequently electricity) and has the blood of blue Dragons running through his veins. So yeah. I'll push the ship around.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lenny, you wouldn't happen to have my copy of Manacle and Coin from Exalted at your house, would you?

Monday, January 16, 2006

There are a lot of Birthdays today so I'd just like to say happy birthday.
Apparently, my sister, John, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Trogdor all share a birthday.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Players of my game/prospective players of my game...
when you wanna play?
i werkwerkwerk the following hours:
Sat: 12-5
Sun: 9-2:30
Mon: 12-5

Unless you want to give me a ride, please allow time for me to get to the light rail station and get out to Carmichael. i know Chase is running a game SATURDAY AT HIS HOUSE!!! So i'd just as soon not step on those toes, but any other suggestions? A Friday game? A pre-Chase game? A Sunday game? Whassitgonnabe?
Also, if you have not yet taken part in the game (read: if you're not Brian, Drake or Lenny), let me know beforehand, and have a character made before we start. Kthxbye.

Edit: i forgot i'm spoken-for Sattyday PM. No game that night. i have a party from night o'clock until question marks.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Quick big important change to the D&D game on Saturday. It will NOT BE AT LENNY'S HOUSE. Instead it will be at my house, and we'll start at about 6:00pm, so be there before or at that time if you're in the game. Please be on time. I know there's not as much to do at my house as at Lenny's, so everyone will just be waiting getting bored if you're late, and then we'll all glare, and you'll get really uncomfortable, start to squirm in your seat, look all ashamed, and maybe even cry. So don't be late. Unless you let me know in advance, in which case I'll just push back the start time and it won't count as being late. I suggest eating before you come over, and also people should bring soda and stuff to share, because my house is starting to run dry these days. I think that's it. Lenny wile be bringing the tactiles so we'll still have those, and I'll have my multitude of books for use. If you are using any of the "Races of.." books for you character, bring it. That also goes for the book of madness and Libris Mortis. I have most of the other books. But I don't think most of you will need many of those books anyway. So yeah. A quick recap. D&D SATURDAY AT MY HOUSE AT SIX PM.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Couple of quick hits...

I have to go out near ARCO on Saturday for the Sacramento Valley Rogue Force's (SW group) pre WonderCon trip meeting... shouldn't interfere in the game. Will be like between 12-3. I'll just get dropped off at you house afterwards if that's okay Lenny?

Chase, still working on char, will have it done by friday i hope... is when I'm probably going to see Lenny next and will flesh out mutual backstory stuff then. You want like a page of written history on the chars too, right?

Oh yeah, and Lenny JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Volume 2 is out at Barnes and Noble and Arden Fair. Saw it when I was getting a real neat history book on samurai tonight.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

So i was looking around online, and i found the best blonde joke ever. i put it ony my blog, so it's linked from there.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

All right. Since RP plans have been made for the weekend of the 14th (see below), I'm curious which games, if any, are going to be run this weekend. Neek? Lenny? Anyone?
Ok, here it is. I declare that on Saturday, January 14th I shall run my game og D&D once more provided that Ostermiller and Lenny have both completed their character submissions, and that everyone is available to play. That's right, the 14th. Not this coming Saturday, but the following Saturday. So yeah, if anyone has any conflicts with that time let me know now. Don't bring it up the day before the game because you forgot. Let me know what time we can start (Drake tends to work until 6ish those days, so probably after that). So yeah. And we shall begin the chronicle of Sharn, City of Daggers. It's spooky!

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