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Friday, November 28, 2003

Mmmk...I wasn't sure if there was going to be a session tomorrow...Lenny said it didn't look that way last week, but I thought I'd just check. I'd be showing up at 6pm if anything happens, but Brian said he can't make it so...yeah. Just seeing if there was any word.


Thursday, November 27, 2003

Looks like I'm unavailable for Friday and Saturday. I'm sorry for posting so late. Bad planning on my part.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Anyways...I was going to hang out at Lenny's tomorrow and play FFXI while you guys do VTM. What time did people plan on coming over on Friday? Were we still getting together? How about Saturday?


Tuesday, November 25, 2003

and yeah, Brian, I kinda forgot your schedule for this weekend, so let me know again so we can figure out when we'll play and what not. Sorry, bad memory.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

Monday, November 24, 2003

8:45 am-5:45 pm, so I be'd over at lennys at say 6 pm on saturday. I'm not super interested in VTM right now so I'm cool with not disrupting that game but appreciate the offer to hang out wit you guys on Friday, and I'm off all day then.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

What are the hours of the midday shift? We may be able to play the monster depending on brian if these hours work and Neko wants to come. So yeah. Hours of midday shift and which day, and all that info.

Quack Quack Emu Sound seems that I've gotten the midday shift this coming weekend (my schedule was shifted around to accomodate a few extra hours I would be losing since I don't have a night shift to go to on Thanksgiving). I'd like to join you guys for DnD... But I wasn't sure if you were planning on playing due to the Thanksgiving Day weekend.



Friday, November 21, 2003

That was a water pistol, it didn't have a clip. You broke the handle. ~Does happy Friday and the new girl at work my be gone because she's stupid dance~ Ionly have one class to go to one MWF now, good for me. My other class has me at a permanent B by 2 points. I guess I should probobly go to that one class and turn in that paper that's due today.

Quack Quack Emu Sound
*notices the badge labeled Enforcer pinned to his chest, and does a double-take. curiously, he unholsters the gigantic pistol at his side and ejects the clip. with a nod, he slaps it back in and pulls back the slide, with a lovely click-snap. the gun is, as ever, loaded with blanks.*

This is what I get for not watching this site more closely.

Once I read through all the lengthy back posts, I may or may not have something to say. I am, though, quite dismayed at the outright hostility I see even as I skim the page. It occurs to me that it is easier to say things online than it is to say them in person. Perhaps it's just the nature of writing versus speaking. I have mentioned to people individually that I thought there were some... I guess the word is issues... that would best be aired face to face. That particular opinion still stands, and is, of course, a suggestion at best.

I'll spend a little time praying for patience, mercy, and kindness for all of us. From all of us. Myself especially, since I have been less than patient in recent days.

Shalom, everyone. Peace. The Jews are right to use that as a greeting.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Liam and Chase! Fighting side by side against the forces of evil!
Together again, for the first time in ages!!!
Ok let's figure this out, we started 10-11 am at your apartment. Yes. We also had Gr in the campaign, so we could wait for him to come back from chico or you can get over where it started and look at where it is. Good? good then. We started at your apartment but there was a problem. It isn't YOUR APARTMENT. It's is yours and your mother's apartment. That said, she didn't like us being there every weekend and made as much clear to you and then you gave us little underhanded whines about it. So we found a new place to play. That was Lenny's house. We're not going to play ay Lenny's house without him playing, so that leaves us with little choice in where to play. So we're not kicking Lenny out of this to start earlier for you. He's GM and it's his house, so we give extra consideration to his schedule. Next we come to Adrienne and I. We DM/GM whatever you want to call it, so we get some say in scheduling. Next up is Neko, who does Star Wars. Then Brian. He doesn't Gm and it isn't his house, but he shows alot of maturity and respect for everyone else playing. He also help keeps people playing and helps keep order in the game. WE'll call him the enforcer. And Ostermiller... We don't play at your house, you don't DM, and as I can see most of your characters are throw away so there is little desire for you to play them and you end up coming up with something else you want to play the next week. So pardon me for not taking your schedule into consideration when there are people higher on the food chain to take into account, people who want to do serious role playing and not just powergame or create new characters ever week with "The Terminator Gun." But I digress. The point is all you seem to bring to the table is a loud whine, so we're not as worried about what you want. You hardy even get to Lenny's on your own, you always need a ride that 1.2 miles (and yes we checked the distance, this is correct). Maybe you need to quit complaining and figure out what you can do to help us with the game istead of figuring out what we can do to help you.

On a side note, if anyone want to contiue play in the coming year let me know fo your work and school schedules and we may be able to play sometime during the week. This week will be around 4:30 like posted earlier, after we pick Brian up, and Neko, if you could email me we can try to figure out something so you can contiue to play, or a role that will have cameos so you can play when you are there.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

P.S. Thanks for the defense Liam.
Liam...I'm not insisting on MY schedule. When we started this group, that was the time that was appointed: 10-11am. Lenny joined the group later, and I'm sorry that he had to sacrifice sleep in order to play the Monster campaign...but just like anyone else we make sacrifices. He joined this group after it was organized, and shame on me for being perturbed that some new person (regardless of who it is) fucks the whole group. I have no animosity towards Lenny, Dali, or Tim, or anyone else, I just think thats screwy. Why should a NEWCOMER radically change a preexisting group? I know if tables were turned and I was in Lenny's position, I'd probably be told to screw off if I asked to have them accomodate me. But I'm not asking them to accomodate my schedule. I'm asking them to stick to the game plan. In fact, I've arranged my schedule for the originally planned game time....I got myself set up on the evening shift. But I can't go back to my boss every other week and change my availabilty because of a fickle game group. And Liam, I was the person originally hosting this thing at MY apartment, so don't give me that shit about playing at Lenny's house.

I'm not asking people to be my bitch, and I aplogize for being a blunt prick about it. But just like you mentioned about being cranky in the Winter months, people in general tend to be in foul moods during this time of year.

Some of us just felt that it was important to point out that this change in our agenda is going to put some of us on a permanet no show basis.
Well shit.... While John poses a good (though blunt) point, if this indeed IS our new schedule, then I may regretfully be on a permenent no-show basis. I have things I do on saturday afternoons and later, so thats no good. Just keep me updated on the schedule, and untill then.... Later days
Okay, this is probably going to sound totally uncalled for and it's going to seem like i'm a total bastard, but here goes:
i'm coming to Chase's defense. And since i'm rarely if ever there for Saturdays, i hope i can be seen as at least mostly impartial.

John, i'm very sorry you're not getting what you want out of the group sessions.
That said, doesn't it seem a bit selfish to insist on your own schedule?
Personally, when i hear about your utter disregard for how much sleep Lenny is getting, i get angry and offended on his behalf, which i shouldn't have to do. He made a point of asking if the game could start later, and everyone (Everyone but you, it seems) agreed that it was not only perfectly okay to accomodate his sleep schedule, but even that to do otherwise would be downright rude. The same goes for Brian, Chase and Adrienne's illnesses. i mean, who do you think you are, that you have the right to insist that these people who do their damndest to accomodate you anyways, and who put up with constant abuse in the form of your offhandedly sleighting anyone you're perturbed with, should just show up to gratify you, in spite of their physical conditions or alterior stressors?
i'm very sorry that nobody seems to want to play with you during the week. But that's how it goes, John. For most people, school is a priority over roleplaying. That's why we started getting together on the weekends. i'd point out as well that several of us have given you numerous opportunities to play the Marvel Campaign that you asked every single one of us if we would be interested in, and that all but one or two of these sessions degraded into a session of "getting together to kibitz" because you "Didn't feel like running" the game you all asked us to make characters for. On that same note, what's the matter with getting together and hanging out? Granted, you don't get the ego-boost of really clobbering that hypothetical goblin with your +5 Sword of Radioactive Zombie Slaying, but on the flipside, you get to ~gasp~ enjoy the presence of people you like to think of as friends! i mean, if you're not doing that, and this is all another manifestation of John's incessant need to be the head of the giant robot, i think it might as well end now, and save us all the trouble of being mad at you.
In both Adrienne and Chase's defense, both are trying to show up REGULARLY, with new ideas to bring to the story, thus ensuring a COHERENT game. So if the games that DO happen, whatever their duration, are both coherent and regular (That is, occuring on Saturdays), your only complaint seems to be that they're not occuring when you want them to, and i think i've addressed that point by now. In case, i haven't, let's make it clear.
If it's coherent games with a stable group on your schedule that you want, you're in the wrong group John. If that's not apparent by now either, let me state that in no unclear terms as well. It was said from the very beginning that some people wouldn't be there for every session, and that allowances would be made for this. If you want to do something about that, and/or you'd like to play earlier in the day, i'd suggest that instead of demanding your way and insisting on using somebody else's house around YOUR schedule without regard for what he has to say about it, you try to find a time when everyone you want to play with is free, and then you invite THAT group over to YOUR place for the game. You can then proceed to be the one who keeps everyone on task and playing to your own will. Brian and Nick would make powerful legs, i'm sure, and Chase and Adrienne are almost natural choices for arms. If you don't mind waiting for him to wake up, Lenny could probably be persuaded to be the torso, and then, in YOUR house, running YOUR game, that YOU planned, on YOUR time with YOUR schedule in mind, then and only then will you be the giant robot head of your dreams. UNTIL THAT TIME! Be prepared to make COMPROMISES that favor the others that you DEPEND on. There are a few key word in that last sentence, see if you can spot them. They're sort of integral terms one uses when one describes good, working relationships with other people. If these elements are not present, someone is going to be discontent, and the whole relationship goes to hell.


Well, I see that this poses a problem for some of us then. I know that when this group was first formed for the Monster Campaign, Chase made it very clear that I would either make the time to play and show up or I would be left out. I respect the GM's rule that I would not recieve preferential treatment, but I feel like this is being bent for other people... my schedule was to accomodate the game, and now I find the game accomodating other people's schedules. I'd say thats a tad unfair...

I understand that it is difficult to run a coherent game during classes, especially during the holidays. And I appreciate the hardwork each and everyone of our GM's have put into their games. But lately, it seems like we havent had a coherent game. Either I'm gone or Brian's working or someones sick, and it ruins the whole thing. What's the point of getting together to kibitz for 4-5 hours and wait for someone? I joined on for a specific reason: I knew who we'd playing with and when, and that it'd be a quality campaign.

I know I'm not the most credible person in the world with many of you. And I know I bitch alot and I've tried to write this is in a non confrontational way, and probably failed. But I speak for more then one person when I say I want to play earlier. I want us to play coherent games with a stable group. I could rant on and on about other things, but that is besides the point. I want the same thing all of us do: Good, quality roleplaying.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

There is a reason we stoped playing that early and it had something to do with Lenny's only getting 1.5 hours sleep between his shifts at work, so I won't be running anything that early. But we are making an effort to run some at arounf 4:30 so Brian can get there after his work and Lenny can have spelt and so i can get a hair-cut. So yeah. That's all the news I have, except that I am sick tomorrow, but that should clear up around 1 so UPS can go screw itself.

Quack Quack Emu Sound
In an effort to assure we play this weekend, I'm going to ask the question: Who plans on being at Saturdays game? Who would like to run something or who is ready to run a game? I would like to start early, like we used to, say 10 or 11AM...


Saturday, November 15, 2003

Ok, here's the plan as it stands. Yes it's late to have the plan but I just figured it out myself. Neko's still got the bad sicky death, so he won't be there. Adrienne and I are going to pick Brian up from work, and meet up with Lenny at his house around 4:15ish because it takes time to drive. After that we'll play for a bit but Adrienne and I have dinner plans that we just found out about this morning so we'll get out of there around 5:30 and we can give brian a ride or he can hang with Lenny and lenny can give him a ride later. Other than that there probobly won't be much D&D playing since people wont be there but I'll try to figure out some scheduling so that things might work a little better. This is of course if no one gets sick again, because that just throws everything off. So yeah. Fun fun silly willy and all that.

Quack Quack Emu Sound
I'm going to a movie. I'll give people a ring when I get out to see if I can be of any use today.
~Still has the death, but in it's b17ch-slapped, put in its place version, not the full-blown Death~
But i work anyways, so it hardly matters, and noone here cares.
Someone go ahead and post the care graph, in fact...


Friday, November 14, 2003

As usual, I work at 530pm. If we play at 2, I can be there. I we dont start till 4, then theres no point in me being there.
I have the death currently, but I'm feeling a bit better and might be able to come still. Though I don't know how you feel about me further contaminating the game group with MY death.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Ok, I know it's last minute but we can play this saturday, but who will be there and what time? we'll probobly start between 2 and 4, we'll just wake lenny up when we get there so you can sleep lenny. Please let us know real wuick, and who's sick? who still has Brians wheezing death? So yeah, Lenny, we might need to play the exalted if people don't show up right and stuff. But adrienne has evil too, and if both brian and Ostermiller are theer we might be able to play monster campaigne.

Quack Quakc Emu SOund

Monday, November 10, 2003

I think I have a very interesting solution to the John/Brian scheduling problem in the monster campaign. I propose that the two of them collaborate to make a Base creature, then both of theml make a separate character using the same base creature but with different stats, alignments, class levels, etc. Basically they would be playing a creature with a split personality, John plays his personality and Brian plays his. Both personalities could advance at the same rate as everyone else. Equipment would have to be shared though, and this venture would definitely require some maturity and patience to be successful, but I think it could provide some very interesting situations if executed properly (especially if the personalities are unaware of eachother). Unfortunately I haven't figured out what to do if both John and Brian are present at a session. I'm sure I can come up with something eventually. Well anyway, I need to head off to bed now so tell me what you think of the idea and post it or e-mail me.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Im working in the evening again next weekend...hope you two feel better! ^^; I'm eating cough drops like they're going out of style myself...

But i should be better by next weekend.

C'est la vie.
Well, since I'm here posting it'sobvious that we're not playing today. The death caught up with Adrienne and I last night, and I could barely get out of bed this morning, in fact I didn't get out of bed until it wasn't morning anymore. So yeah. Whatever Liam means is cofusing, but that's Liam. No I'm not gonna do marvel because I probobly wont be able to get there consistently due to work and christmas coming up and what not. In the hopes that everyone will be feeling well next weekend, who will be there and at what time if so. If we can work this right we can do monster but I doubt that'll happen because Brian and Ostermiller have conflicting schedules. Wow my throat hurts, glad I'm not actually talking. Someone also answer for Cody since he hasn't proven himself knollworthy. ummm yeah. Sorry about not letting you know ahead of time Brian. We felt good when we called you about it last night. Sorry. I'm gonna go now.

Quack Quack Emu Sound

i'm in bear suit!

Well, Lenny's cell is off. No new posts from our sick(?) DMs. This aint looking to good, people.

I just got out of the Matrix: Revolutions. Its 2pm and I have to be at work at 530pm. I dont see how I would be able to play, or even if we ARE playing. So, yeah. I should be online for a bit, so if people need to get ahold of me...IM me or try the phone. I really would like to play, but Lenny's turned off his cell, and Chase and Adrienne's number has disappeared on me and since its so late...I guess I'm going to be AWOL too. Sorry. ^^;


P.S. Theres no school on Monday....what do people think of playing then?

Friday, November 07, 2003

As usual, I'm down for DnD on saturdays. Although people may have to pull me away from Animal Crossing since that game has become my new addiction.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Hmm...the death has been passing around us lately...(points an accusing finger at Brian) :P

I guess 1pm would be okay...I do have work in the evening tho. Maybe we could let someone run a oneshot?
Neko, you are a shmuck. But we love you anyway. =) Happy late Birthday! Sorry I couldn't get online earlier to wish it to you in time.

Actually Chase and I were considering starting it a little later, like 1-2:00ish. We've caught The Death and I don't know how sane I'll be hyped up on cold medicine. To everyone else, please let us know what time is good for you (or if you're going to be gone), our schedules are open to change.

No Neko for Saturday means we're probably playing evil unless someone has a better idea. More stuff will be going on with that now that the T.O.M. initiation/trials are over with (at least I hope they are). =)

For those of you who weren't there last time we played evil (Neko =P... Liam, Tim, Doli...) please level your characters up to 5. I'm going to have everyone advance at about the same rate since it's hard to get everyone to play all at once. The people who show up will have the bonus of actually playing their character plus any in game goodies (unless Chase's character steals them first). =P I will, however, make sure your characters stay safe if you are not able to play them (ie: missing a session will not mean you'll have a dead/dismembered character when you get back).

Thanks for the invite to Thursdays but I think I'll pass, I'm not really into the Marvel kind of stuff. =)
I'm a shmuck, and can't make it..........again......... so no Neko on saturday. eh. kill somthing for me.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

This saturday sounds great to early? 10am/11am? At Lennys I suppose...

BTW...The last couple Thursdays Lenny, Liam, Cody, Brian and I have been able to get together....I've started up a Marvel game with them. Anyone else interested? I'm usually off around 6pm, so we play for two-three hours...

Just a thought.

P.S. Chase, let me know when you want me to take a day off so we can game...whatever works for everyone else.
Happy Birthday Neko. :) Anyway, I was wrong, no stable inertnet access, who want's to D&D Saturday? what time? Someone let me know and we can try to organize, or we can wait until I have stable inernet and communicate that way. So yeah. Let me know. My stomach doesn't feel good and my head hurts, I'm gonna go lay down.

Quack Quack Emu Sound
*toot* go's the birthday horn

Sunday, November 02, 2003

So. Yeah. I was in San Francisco for the Castro festival on friday and went clothes shopping then worked today. Hope i didnt screw the game up to much. im working 530-1130 next saturday I would really like to try and do the monster game or if you want me to take a day off, tell me when and ill put in for it.